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Local Bike Shop - Equipment Failure
CREATED: 07/23/10 by crewshell REPLIES: 8
crewshell's ravatar crewshell    JOINED: 7/22/10    POSTS: 11
Local Bike Shop - Equipment Failure
POSTED: 7/23/10 12:47 PM


I won't name the shop... at least not yet, but I wanted to get all of yours opinion on a situation.

I went in for a tune up of my Lemonds Alpe d'Huez bike. I picked it up a week later and went out for a ride the next day. 3 miles into while coming down a slow and shifting I noticed my left foot was really loose, I thought maybe I needed to readjust my shoe snap and when I went to twist my foot the entire crank came arm came off! I skidded out and landed in the grass. So I did not really get hurt, just some scrapes, but boy was I unnerved a bit!

I made it back home with doing a one legged pedal (tough work out). I then went into the shop to talk to them about it. They said it probably had been loose when I left and they apologized.

They offered to put a new crank arm for free (it being loose had stripped it) and cover the labor as well. The manager also suggested that this might be a time to upgrade the crankshaft (as it was a bit worn anyway).

I ended up going that route with ordering a new Shimano 105 5700 crankset (a big upgrade from what I had) and bottom bracket and getting all of it ordered and installed for $215 (roughly $315 retail for parts and labor).

Do you think this was a fair deal? I've lost my bike now for another week (it was in for a week for the tune up) and I could have gotten pretty hurt (but obviously I didn't)

Anyway I am just curious what the opinions would be of some people who ride more, know more, and have seen more. I'm still pretty new to the game. What are your thoughts?

urbanlumberjack's ravatar urbanlumberjack    JOINED: 3/25/09    POSTS: 143
RE: Local Bike Shop - Equipment Failure
POSTED: 7/23/10 1:04 PM

I'm assuming that labor was free and they gave you an actual discount (beyond the 10% club discount, if applicable) off of the listed price for the parts?

crewshell's ravatar crewshell    JOINED: 7/22/10    POSTS: 11
RE: Local Bike Shop - Equipment Failure
POSTED: 7/23/10 1:22 PM

Well we just worked off raw numbers.

The new crankset goes for $250 plus a bottom bracket for $30 and then normally the labor would have been about $30 so thats $310 and I said "how about we cal it $215 with a new water bottle too" and they agreed. (im just curious if they agreed because I wasn't asking for enough! ha!)

In my mind I was getting the $100 back that I spent on the tuneup.

vatriathlete    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 685
RE: Local Bike Shop - Equipment Failure
POSTED: 7/23/10 1:29 PM

whether it is a fair deal depends on the situation.

you said you got a "tune up" on the bike, in that description of the tune up was anything mentioned about the bottom bracket being checked or overhauled?

if you got an overhaul where they physically take apart the entire crank set and clean it then them not putting it on correctly would show shoddy work.

however, if the tune up didn't include that or checking the crank arms then honestly they can't be blamed.

regardless its good that they offered to fix it so they kudos there. Also the price and such on the new one seems like a fair deal so they gave you a discount the part so that is good. So again kudos to the shop for doing its best to make things right.

crewshell's ravatar crewshell    JOINED: 7/22/10    POSTS: 11
RE: Local Bike Shop - Equipment Failure
POSTED: 7/23/10 1:33 PM

Well the Tune up was described to me as a full check up and tightening and cleaning (of the non oiled surfaces) of the bike. Checking tension in the brakes, and shift levers, etc.

The problem wasn't with the bottom bracket it was the ... I think its called the tigtening bolt? the actually lug that connects the arm to the bottom bracket. It was loose, had oil in it and from the guy who gave me a hand when I fell, missing any "lock tight" that normally gets put on there.

I felt like a tune up would check to see if the pedals and crank arms are safe for use! But again I am new and learning as I go.

trithis73's ravatar trithis73    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 525
RE: Local Bike Shop - Equipment Failure
POSTED: 7/23/10 1:36 PM

Here is my 2 cents:

- They definately gave you the labor
- The cranks are about $250.00
- The hub will run you about $26.00

The shop should have replaced your cranks at their expense, because it was their mistake that caused this issue, for a service they rendered. If they did not have the parts on hand and could not get them in a timely manner, then it's up to them to put as comparable of a part on there that they have.

AndyJB444's ravatar AndyJB444    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 401
RE: Local Bike Shop - Equipment Failure
POSTED: 7/23/10 1:51 PM

Most "tune-ups" (ie. a basic once over of the brakes and gears plus a little extra) at shops offered around DC will NOT include checking every single bolt on your bike to make sure it is at the proper torque. Sad, but true...

If this was a tune-up that stated up front that it included a crank/bottom bracket cleaning and re-lube AND they failed to re-install it properly then I would say the shop is at fault. If its just a matter of the rider not taking proper care of their machine, then can't really blame the shop.

Sorry it happened, and glad you're alright!

philotri's ravatar philotri    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 253
RE: Local Bike Shop - Equipment Failure
POSTED: 7/23/10 2:54 PM

I'll agree that it depends on what was involved in the tune-up that you received. At the shop where I work, a basic tune-up involves removing the crankarms, checking (but not removing unless something is wrong) the bottom bracket, and then reinstalling the crankarms and tightening the bolts. If we had done the work and this had happened, I would have felt responsible for the labor and a replacement, equivalent part - but with you covering the cost of the upgrade. However, if the shop doesn't include this in the service you received then I agree with Andy that it is not the shop's responsibility.

FYI, you would put grease on those bolts but not lock tight. Lock tight is for when you don't anticipate ever taking the bolt out which isn't the case with crank arm tightening bolts.

crewshell's ravatar crewshell    JOINED: 7/22/10    POSTS: 11
RE: Local Bike Shop - Equipment Failure
POSTED: 7/23/10 10:53 PM

So in general it looks like most people think this response was pretty fair so that is good to know. It makes me feel a bit better about the whole situation.

When I finally get my bike back I feel like its going to be practically brand new!

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