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STOLEN BIKES and a warning to NE residents
CREATED: 07/06/11 by dwitt616 REPLIES:
dwitt616's ravatar dwitt616    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 50
STOLEN BIKES and a warning to NE residents
POSTED: 7/06/11 2:25 PM

Hi all,

It pains me to report that I stepped out of my apartment this morning to go for a training ride and found that both my bike and my girlfriend's bike had been stolen from our second story porch. They were covered and locked with a cable/U-Lock.

My bike was a Cannondale Caad9 5 Conte's Team build bike (Black) with a Specialized Toupe Saddle, Ultegra pedals and mini clip-on aerobars

My girlfriend's was a Cannondale Quick 6 Fem hybrid (Black/Purple)

We filed a police report and an officer came out this morning to get some additional information. He mentioned there has been an increase in bike thefts and auto break-in's in the area (I live North of Lincoln Park, South of H Street). To that end, it appears our apartment was cased (the police agree) as much more visible, though less appealing bikes, were left untouched.

Suffice to say I just wanted to throw out the warning for the group, and those who live in the area in particular, to keep an eye on your prized possessions. I know of atleast one other DC Tri member that lives in our immediate area and shares our alley. We've never had the pleasure of meeting, but they own a Toyota Matrix (with a nice DC Tri bumper sticker) often parked on 11th St. Please keep an eye out - as the police have indicated they suspect individuals are watching our neighborhood in particular.

If you happen to hear or see anything regarding either of these bikes or have any questions, please feel free to email me at Thanks.

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