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FREE HUGS update!
CREATED: 09/10/12 by Luke REPLIES: 4
Luke's ravatar Luke    JOINED: 11/28/10    POSTS: 423
FREE HUGS update!
POSTED: 9/10/12 10:07 PM

The offer for FREE HUGS, as advertised at the Mile 4 water station, is still valid. Please see me, Bryan, Jason, Trisha, Bethany, or any other DC Triclub authorized service provider to claim your free hug. No purchase (of Nations Triathlon bib) necessary. Offer good while supplies last (which is pretty much indefinitely... or until my arms fall off).

Terms & Conditions for FREE HUGS:
1) Offer is explicitly for free HUGS, but we will honor your request for high fives, low fives, fist bumps, or even the occasional chest bump in lieu of, or in addition to, the expressed offer of a hug.
2) We will not take offense at a request to downgrade (to a high five, air hug, etc. as outlined in item #1), but we may take offense at a request for an upgrade (or maybe we won't...)
3) We will also provide piggy back rides upon request, but those aren't free, and the ride ends at the end of the water station.
4) It's your choice as to which service provider you wish to redeem your free hug from... Bryan and I won't be offended if you pass us over for Trisha & Bethany (honestly, I would do the same)
5) Please limit your hugs to a reasonable amount of time, say a second or two... there is a line forming behind you, and you have somewhere you need to be (the finish line), pretty much as soon as possible!

-DC Triclub FREE HUGS Team

tgalbert's ravatar tgalbert    JOINED: 9/30/10    POSTS: 405
RE: FREE HUGS update!
POSTED: 9/11/12 8:25 AM

is it acceptable to whisper in your ear, "okay... I have to go" and leave?

tgalbert's ravatar tgalbert    JOINED: 9/30/10    POSTS: 405
RE: FREE HUGS update!
POSTED: 9/11/12 8:27 AM

[deleted double post]

trisha's ravatar trisha    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 133
RE: FREE HUGS update!
POSTED: 9/11/12 8:55 AM

hee - I think Alejandro was the only person who "upgraded".

jbrez's ravatar jbrez    JOINED: 1/30/11    POSTS: 303
RE: FREE HUGS update!
POSTED: 9/11/12 12:21 PM

We also provide sweat removal to all free hug recipients at no extra charge.

How does this work you ask?
Your sweat is physically removed by contact during the free hug process. This excess salt and water weight is removed from your tri top and absorbed by our t-shirts thus allowing you to race faster and go onto negative splits for the remainder of your race.

Sweat removal not guaranteed for the high fives, fist bumps, smiles, waves, winks, dirty looks or any alternative to free hugs.

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