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internet bike specials
CREATED: 03/13/09 by michaelrobbins REPLIES:
michaelrobbins's ravatar michaelrobbins    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 16
internet bike specials
POSTED: 3/13/09 3:48 PM

I'll start by saying that many folks will find it a sacrilege that you not buy your bike at a local bike store. There are important advantages to doing that - bike fitting, repairs, etc. But there are those of us who wanted their first road bike for NTP and didn't want to spend $1000+

If you fit that category, I recommend two internet bike stores:

I got a Motobecane Grand Record last year with shipping for under $600 from sprtymama and it has been a great starter bike. You do need to know your frame size, and I recommend paying someone for a fitting.

I'll buy my Cervelo at Conte's when I'm ready (hopefully this year.)

- Michael

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