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FS - Orca Equip FS Wetsuit Size MT
CREATED: 09/28/09 by charlie REPLIES: 1
charlie's ravatar charlie    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 61
FS - Orca Equip FS Wetsuit Size MT
POSTED: 9/28/09 2:34 PM


I am selling an Orca Equip FS Wetsuit - size MT - I bought brand new last year. I have used it in two races only. The suit is in excellent condition and comes with a bag. These sell for $279 new. I am asking $200 OBO. I am selling only because I rarely use it.

An image of the suit can be found here :

I will upload imagery of the actual suit if anyone would like.


The Orca Equip Fullsleeve provides a solid platform for those serious about getting into open water swimming. The all new Orca Equip has 1mm Yamamoto neoprene on the selves increasing comfort and flexibility. Constructed of durable, performance quality HydroCell SCS neoprene, the Orca Equip gives the beginner Triathlete the functions and features they need to improve their performance in the water. Features:

HydroStroke Forearm Panel this panel has a distinctive silicone print, which catches the water through the pull phase of the stroke, increasing power.

QuadraFlex underarm panels ensure flexibility and freedom of movement where you need it most.

This wetsuit also benefits from the Speed Transition Calf, which is a 3mm stretch neoprene that allows for a faster and easier transition.


charlie's ravatar charlie    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 61
RE: FS - Orca Equip FS Wetsuit Size MT
POSTED: 11/09/09 12:34 PM


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