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Training in Leesburg
CREATED: 04/15/10 by jackcallen42 REPLIES: 1
jackcallen42    JOINED: 3/23/10    POSTS: 18
Training in Leesburg
POSTED: 4/15/10 11:30 AM

Newbie here, I live in Leesburg, looking for people to ride at night on the O&D Trail or around leesburg 2-3 times a week.

xtrm2008    JOINED: 1/26/11    POSTS: 6
RE: Training in Leesburg
POSTED: 1/31/11 10:49 AM

When are you looking to start riding? I am doing my first tri this year and was hoping to get together with someone for bike rides possibly other training.

Not sure If i will be riding outdoors now though, too cold for me.

Let me know.

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