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2011 56cm Cannondale Slice 5 $1,700
CREATED: 02/07/11 by jsr4a REPLIES:
jsr4a    JOINED: 2/7/11    POSTS: 1
2011 56cm Cannondale Slice 5 $1,700
POSTED: 2/07/11 5:29 PM

Brand new Cannondale Slice 5 56cm. It has never been on the road, only on the trainer. You can check out Cannondale's website for all of the specs. Only update I made was to replace the stock Profile Design t2+ bars with Profile Design Carbon Strykes. I still have the t2+ bars and can switch them back if you like. The bike is listed on Nova craigslist, just search triathlon to check out the pics. I can send hight res versions if needed. It is listed at $1,900 but I will let it go for $1,700. Shoot me an email at jsr4a at yahoo dot com if you are interested.


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