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CREATED: 09/28/09 by nbehappy REPLIES: 20
mflanagan81    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 8
RE: Watts
POSTED: 10/01/09 8:25 AM

Earlier in the thread there were questions about Normalized Power (NP). NP is an algorithm created to estimate training stress/load created from given workouts, main sets, and races.

Without getting too technical, NP is supposed to do a good job of estimating what a person could perform for average wattage in a steady, iso-power effort.

Looking at NP over a short period of time can be dangerous to use as anything other than a data point, especially if the NP varies greatly from AP.

In a TT type effort, NP should be very close to AP. If the course is hilly, then NP might be 3-5% higher than AP.

I would be happy to further elaborate if anyone is interested and their eyes haven't glazed over yet.

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