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Xterra wetsuits
CREATED: 04/10/14 by Bsuchman REPLIES:
Bsuchman    JOINED: 1/12/14    POSTS: 7
Xterra wetsuits
POSTED: 4/10/14 2:35 PM

I placed an order for two Xterra wetsuits at the beginning of this week. At the time, the website noted that the wetsuits would ship later this week. I checked the website today when I still hadn't received a shipping notice, saw that the website now noted that most wetsuits would not ship until May, and contacted them. They apologized for not having updated their website, but said that they were out of stock of the wetsuits we had ordered. In fact, they are out of stock of most wetsuits, which seems kind of odd for a company specializing in wetsuits. Any suggestions on an alternative company?

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