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Eagleman Spectating
CREATED: 06/08/12 by gardengirl REPLIES: 2
gardengirl's ravatar gardengirl    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 124
Eagleman Spectating
POSTED: 6/08/12 12:41 PM

Anyone going to Eagleman to spectate/cheer Sunday? I am thinking of driving from Capitol Hill Sunday morning. I think the Club Tent may also be there.


kst718's ravatar kst718    JOINED: 8/29/11    POSTS: 110
RE: Eagleman Spectating
POSTED: 6/08/12 2:43 PM

My boyfriend is racing, so I'll be out there Saturday night as well, but look forward to meeting up with other cheerleaders at the tent! I'm also bringing a stand up paddleboard in case we're allowed to use the water after the swim has closed. Based on the bike and run courses, we won't see our racers very often so I am trying to get in a workout of some sort. --Katie

afava's ravatar afava    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 258
RE: Eagleman Spectating
POSTED: 6/08/12 2:58 PM

Hey Malissa & Katie, Hugh is taking the tent down so you'll have a home base for cheering! We'll have tons of DC Tri members racing this weekend - take pictures if you can!

NTP'ers, this is an awesome race to check out if you can make it down for the day. Bring a hat, bathing suit, lots of water. You'll find everyone at the DC Tri tent.


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