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Chesapeakeman 2012
CREATED: 05/29/12 by morunner66 REPLIES: 3
morunner66's ravatar morunner66    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 728
Chesapeakeman 2012
POSTED: 5/29/12 2:13 PM

Cambridge Hyatt is sold out (at least that is what online reservations is telling me) - where is a fun resorty alternative place to stay?

OK- so you can't make reservations online, but if you call the hotel directly, Chesapeakeman has a block of rooms - $275 per night for resort view - $335 for waterview.

npleisch    JOINED: 4/5/12    POSTS: 144
RE: Chesapeakeman 2012
POSTED: 6/16/12 6:22 PM

Well... I dont know about resort-y places... but for cost reasons we're probably staying at the Holiday Inn express.

Check out my post about a training weekend out there on 20-22 Jul.


SeishiDar's ravatar SeishiDar    JOINED: 4/22/10    POSTS: 43
RE: Chesapeakeman 2012
POSTED: 6/17/12 3:11 PM

For Eagleman we stayed at a vacation rental by owner ( and that was awesome. $300 for two nights and we didn't have to leave until 6 pm on Sunday so we got to clean up afterwards. It was great having a house all to ourselves right on the water, really can't beat that.

jmmoore    JOINED: 4/27/12    POSTS: 12
RE: Chesapeakeman 2012
POSTED: 8/05/12 10:44 PM

Does anyone have room for someone to stay near Cambridge for the race? The Iron Cowboy, James Lawrence, is doing ChesapeakeMan on September 29th. His 25th IM distance race this year and he is looking for a place to stay.

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