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Skyline Ride - Sun. May 18
CREATED: 05/15/14 by astolz1 REPLIES: 2
astolz1's ravatar astolz1    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 695
Skyline Ride - Sun. May 17 (formerly 5/18)
POSTED: 5/15/14 10:21 AM

Plan is to meet at Spelunkers,, in Front Royal at 930 am. It'll be much cooler this weekend and out there is cooler than DC. Park on the side streets. They know we will go there after our ride but it get busy later and prefer for us to not take their lot spots. Makes for a fantastic frozen custard, shake, ice cream, burger place reward after the ride.
No matter if you're fast or slow, it's an out-and-back so no chance of getting lost or losing people for the most part.
This also allows you to customize your distance but the 2 main options are:
a) to Elkwallow wayside (~50 total, bathrooms, water, store, etc.)
b) to Thorton Gap (~62 mi total, bathrooms, water fountains)
Details including elevation profile,, click on Northern Section, bottom right, for more info and my garmin deets a while back when we rode
And here's even another interpretation of the elev profile!
- Bathrooms. Spelunkers doesn't open til 11 so go to McD's or Burger King nearby on the same road.
- Please post if you have a shen pass that allows you plus 3 cyclists in the park.
- Bring your running shoes for a jaunt after the ride.
- Feel free to post here if you need/want a ride or are willing/able to take a passenger.
- Adam

saubbie23's ravatar saubbie23    JOINED: 1/11/11    POSTS: 116
RE: Skyline Ride - Sun. May 18
POSTED: 5/15/14 10:54 AM

Sunday Funday. It's better than Saturday....crap. I had something for this.

astolz1's ravatar astolz1    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 695
RE: Skyline Ride - Sun. May 17 (formerly 5/18)
POSTED: 5/16/14 11:08 AM

So, who's in for doing this tomorrow, Sat, instead of Sunday? Club Training Tri had to be switched to Sunday.
Same time, 930 at Spelunkers.
- Adam

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