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Columbia Triathlon
CREATED: 05/18/11 by rich1422 REPLIES: 1
rich1422's ravatar rich1422    JOINED: 12/5/09    POSTS: 16
Columbia Triathlon
POSTED: 5/18/11 4:38 PM

Are there any club functions at the Columbia Triathlon? I thought there may have been a volunteer section within the Club website for this triathlon. Is there a need for volunteers from DC Tri Club?

kristoferkitto's ravatar kristoferkitto    JOINED: 1/24/10    POSTS: 59
RE: Columbia Triathlon
POSTED: 5/19/11 11:46 AM

For those of you spending the night in Columbia Saturday night:

Pam and I are bunking together at the Hilton Garden Inn and are planning on going to the nearby Clyde's for our pre-race dinner at 6:30 p.m. We thought we'd see if anyone else spending the night in the area would like to join us.

If so, private message me by tomorrow (Friday) at noon, and I'll make a reservation.

See you this weekend!


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