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DC Masters Swim at Haines Point?
CREATED: 07/07/11 by kimberrankin REPLIES: 1
kimberrankin    JOINED: 8/30/09    POSTS: 18
DC Masters Swim at Haines Point?
POSTED: 7/07/11 8:28 PM

Does anyone know if the DC Masters club is still swimming this year at Haines Point in the mornings? Any ideas if they have openings? Looks like their website hasn't been updated in a year or two.
I really need a masters swim program - SOS! Any advice would be appreciated! FYI - I'm in DC near Dupont and am looking for something reasonably near.
THANKS! kimber

janelkaye's ravatar janelkaye    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 36
RE: DC Masters Swim at Haines Point?
POSTED: 7/11/11 10:11 PM

I assume you mean John Flanagan's morning masters at HP. Yes, it is in full swing. I don't know if there are any spaces left, but my guess is yes. There are two practices - one from 5:20-7 am and the other from 7-8:40 am. The second one may be full since there are a lot of HS swimmers practicing in that hour. Cost was $325 at the beginning of the season (June), but I don't know what it would be at this point. Goes through the end of September.

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