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Ladies' Night @ Tri360
CREATED: 05/12/13 by Tri360Kate REPLIES:
Tri360Kate    JOINED: 3/22/13    POSTS: 14
Ladies' Night @ Tri360
POSTED: 5/12/13 3:39 PM

Yep, we're up to it again! This Thursday, May 16th, we're hosting another ladies' night at 6:30 p.m.!

We've been bringing in lots of SUPER CUTE women's triathlon, running and cycling clothing from 2XU, Castelli and SOAS for this summer. Join us for a fashion show where we'll be telling you all about different apparel features. An added bonus -- you'll get to see how it all looks on.

As always, we'll have specials on all women's apparel and bikes that night, food, drink, the usual fun that is our ladies' night events.

Tri360 is located at 2121 N. Westmoreland St. in Arlington.

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