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CREATED: 09/29/09 by tdn9999 REPLIES:
tdn9999's ravatar tdn9999    JOINED: 7/16/09    POSTS: 49
POSTED: 9/29/09 10:46 PM

Hello Fellow DC Tri members,

My wife has a race with Team in Training on 10/18/09 and we decided to be creative with our fundraising technique.

Donate to my wife's fundraiser and each $20 gets you 10 raffle tickets. Drawing will be held on 10/9/09. Out of state people will receive an email with their ticket number and winner will receive a new HP Mini laptop & bag (which includes an extra year of accidental protection coverage) via Fedex. Valued at $500

Donate to Leukemia & Lymphoma Society ASAP to participate

Feel free to email me at tdn_1998 at to see photos. The photos are also listed on my facebook page as well.

Thanks for your support

Tarus Nelson

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