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new to the triathlon :)
CREATED: 08/11/09 by francsh REPLIES: 1
francsh    JOINED: 8/11/09    POSTS: 1
new to the triathlon :)
POSTED: 8/11/09 11:12 AM

Hi there,

My name is Sheri and I'm new to the triathlon world! I'm here to begin learning, training, and volunteering for some local triathlons, in hopes of doing my first next year. I've been doing some local adventure races and have one coming up in September - VentureQuest, Fairfax Station, VA - but, I'd like to do a more traditional triathlon come next year. Just lookin' for a place to start...

I'd love to get involved in beginner weekly group training sessions, be it biking, swimming, or running, as well as happy hours, volunteer needs at local events, etc. Looking forward to getting involved and having some fun with it.

adilks    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 290
RE: new to the triathlon :)
POSTED: 8/11/09 11:20 AM


Shoot me an email if you're available to help out at a waterstop at the North East Triathlon in Maryland on Sunday. It is the Club Championships and a great opportunity for you to meet other members. If that doesn't work then think about volunteering at the Club's training triathlon on August 22nd at Hains Point.


Volunteer Coordinator

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