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50m Pool Support Meeting - Sunday 4pm
CREATED: 07/08/11 by jbauer REPLIES: 1
jbauer    JOINED: 1/1/11    POSTS: 108
50m Pool Support Meeting - Sunday 4pm
POSTED: 7/08/11 2:39 PM

Arlington County is considering building an aquatics facility including a 50 meter pool at the Long Bridge Park which is currently under construction. I support the building of this facility and am asking for yours as well. As a triathlete, I would find it extremely advantageous to train in a 50 m pool.

If you or someone you know would be interested in supporting this effort, please join us at a strategic planning meeting on Sunday, July 10 at 4 pm at the Walter Reed Community Center, Multipurpose Room B (2909 16th Street South, Arlington). This meeting will organize the advocacy effort over the next 9-12 months. The organizers are looking for ideas and input from supporters in all the communities that want this to happen, and after a 10 year effort, now is the time for the push to get this done. The effort is called Friends of Long Bridge Park. County Board member Jay Fisette will attend.

Even if you can't attend, maybe you know others who might be interested who could. Among other things, those who support it can mention it to candidates for public office at get acquainted coffees or fundraisers, civic association meetings, the County Fair in August, and elsewhere (via emails to the Board, lining up a speaker at public comment for each County Board meeting between now and their approval of the funding next spring, etc.) to demonstrate the widespread support that some may doubt still exists. These initiatives and materials are being developed to help launch a communications and advocacy campaign, and the meeting is aimed at organizing the range of efforts that will focus supporters then and over the remaining 10-11 months left before the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) and bond for November 2012 are approved.

A final increment of County funding is needed to build the new pool. This has been a long term work in progress, but we are nearing the finish line. The last major challenge is convincing the County Board to include about $30 million in next year's Capital Improvement Plan. This can happen if there is broad public support.

Here are the links to a nascent Facebook page and website as tools in development to build support through that means. Perhaps you can "like" the Facebook page and share with others who can do that as well.

The fan page:

And the link for the group:

My wife (also a DC Tri member) and I will be attending the meeting on Sunday. I'll be wearing a triathlon T-shirt and would love to see you there. Be sure to say hello.

Justin Bauer

mosered's ravatar mosered    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 2217
RE: 50m Pool Support Meeting - Sunday 4pm
POSTED: 7/08/11 6:50 PM

Excellent. This has been talked about for years. A pool and workout rooms between Key Bridge and the airport off the Mt. Vernon Trail would be great. I forwarded this message to some of the other sports clubs in the area.

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