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* Best Sports Massage in DC *
CREATED: 05/07/13 by dhops REPLIES:
dhops's ravatar dhops    JOINED: 7/12/12    POSTS: 125
* Best Sports Massage in DC *
POSTED: 5/07/13 6:00 PM

I've been on the hunt for a quality sports massage therapist for about two years, and I'm happy to say I finally found one.

Acting on a referral from a friend, I recently had an incredible session with Maurice Henderson here in DC (the Dupont Circle area). He's an athletic trainer and LMT, and works on a number of pro and elite athletes - including the Redskins and the Mystics - and seriously knows his stuff. I raced hard and had a huge PR at the Monitcelloman 70.3 two days ago, and thanks to Maurice my recovery is going far better than I could have hoped.

If you need a good sports massage, targeted to your specific needs as a triathlete, call Maurice (240-216-7078), and tell him Deb sent you!

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