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Dave Zabriskie in DC Oct 1
CREATED: 09/30/09 by dctexan REPLIES:
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Dave Zabriskie in DC Oct 1
POSTED: 9/30/09 3:16 PM

Thursday, October 1
7:30pm at CycleLife

Please join CycleLife and professional road cyclist David Zabriskie as he welcomes his foundation, Yield to Life, to the metro D.C. area. Yield To Life is a non-profit devoted to creating a safer environment for cyclists and, by so doing, encouraging more people to ride for their own health, the good of the environment and the well being of society.

Zabriskie was inspired to launch the foundation after suffering a near career-ending collision with an automobile in 2003. The event will be a great way for the D.C. cycling community to learn more about the organization, and rally behind its various initiatives on a local, grassroots level.

David will be giving a short presentation followed by an open Q&A session. Food and drinks will be served. The general event (7:30pm) is open to the public with a $25 donation. There is an intimate 1 hour cocktail reception (6:30pm) with David Z to talk about YTL and other cycling topics with a $100 donation. All proceeds go to the Yield to Life Foundation.

For tickets and more information about Yield To Life, please visit

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