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NoVA Training Group
CREATED: 03/15/09 by siehndel REPLIES: 81
baumdiggs    JOINED: 7/13/10    POSTS: 9
RE: NoVA Training Group
POSTED: 7/15/10 4:54 PM

Hey all,

I'm new to the club and thought I'd reach out to see if we still have anyone in NoVa/Alexandria area who'd be interested in getting together to train. I find that weekdays are tough for me and I have to squeeze in quick workouts in whenever I can (ie, I'd be unreliable for group stuff), but I LOVE planning longer bikes/runs/bricks on weekends and would love some company! I'm in Old Town, and while I do most of my runs on the Mt. Vernon trail, I'd be up for just about anything if we could get a group together, espcially for group rides.

Hit me up if you're interested - or if there IS an email list of NoVa folks, I'm at christina.baumgardner @ gmail . com

bsholst    JOINED: 1/19/11    POSTS: 5
RE: NoVA Training Group
POSTED: 3/03/11 12:03 PM

Hi all, I work in Crystal City and swim at the Sport & Health, almost consistently on Wednesdays after work (anywhere 6:15-7ish). Generally do biking and running there at the moment too, either over lunch or after work. Those who swim at Sport & Health it would be fun to meet up next week.

I live in Ballston and plan to run/bike on the Custis.


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