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Duathlon Thank You
CREATED: 04/17/10 by ncrcoach REPLIES: 15
ncrcoach's ravatar ncrcoach    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 1101
Duathlon Thank You
POSTED: 4/17/10 1:00 PM

Many thanks to all of the volunteers who helped out this morning! And congrats to all of the participants! Great groups of people!! The next duathlon is in four weeks on Sat. May 15th. Probably will start the event at 7am to beat the traffic.

bsull184's ravatar bsull184    JOINED: 2/6/10    POSTS: 283
RE: Duathlon Thank You
POSTED: 4/17/10 1:19 PM

Thanks Hugh, and the other volunteers too. I'll try to volunteer at the next one, though my parents will be in town visiting then so I may not be able to get away.

Rough headwind on the Potomac side, as bad as any I can remember in the last few months. Didn't think the traffic was too heavy. The stretch of Ohio after you turn around near Independence is just bad because of the cars trying to park, but it didn't seem to get too much worse between the first and last laps. Not sure there is much you can do about that without having everyone race at 5am.

hppeabody's ravatar hppeabody    JOINED: 9/17/09    POSTS: 193
RE: Duathlon Thank You
POSTED: 4/17/10 1:22 PM

Thanks to YOU, Hugh, and all the volunteers. What a great event this morning, despite the wind vortex on one side and some crazy drivers. It was extra encouraging each loop having the volunteers being so supportive. Extra special shout out to Justin who spent two hours standing by himself in the windiest area making sure we didn't get hit by any cars.

Thanks again, everyone!


queequeg9800    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 21
RE: Duathlon Thank You
POSTED: 4/17/10 1:50 PM

Definitely a big thank you to Hugh and to all the volunteers. I really appreciate your time and effort. It was a great workout this morning---very well organized. I very much enjoyed it!

vatriathlete    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 685
RE: Duathlon Thank You
POSTED: 4/17/10 3:03 PM

thanks, but i was not alone out there ian was there also calling out when cars were or weren't coming.

that end of the course was crazy with all the buses and cars looking for parking. nothing you can do but start the race earlier.

what is the earliest that they open up the gate to the park? if its as early at 6 or 630 am that might be something to consider to avoid that traffic. its early but not crazy.

good news is that i didn't hear of any accidents during this race.

ellenwex's ravatar ellenwex    JOINED: 11/16/09    POSTS: 71
RE: Duathlon Thank You
POSTED: 4/17/10 4:18 PM

I had a BLAST this morning! It was so great to meet so many of you- and thanks to Hugh and all the volunteers!!!

- Ellen

nomisdc's ravatar nomisdc    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 621
RE: Duathlon Thank You
POSTED: 4/17/10 6:17 PM

Duathlon is a terrible sport. But you guys Rock!!!!

serayfl's ravatar serayfl    JOINED: 10/6/09    POSTS: 11
RE: Duathlon Thank You
POSTED: 4/17/10 6:22 PM

i thought the traffic on Ohio after the turnaround was just dangerous on the last loop. i'm all for an earlier start. great organization today, thanks to all involved.

redsv's ravatar redsv    JOINED: 10/26/09    POSTS: 45
RE: Duathlon Thank You
POSTED: 4/17/10 7:31 PM

I ditto everyone's thanks. Hugh and the volunteers did a great job as did all the racers. Having never ridden my bike at HP before I got to say that the wind was an education. I'm looking forward to the next one.

merlinkim's ravatar merlinkim    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 303
RE: Duathlon Thank You
POSTED: 4/17/10 8:25 PM

So I was the one that opened the gate this morning when I was on my way to the parking lot, around 6:50-ish. I'm not sure if we were lucky that it wasn't unlocked, or if that's regular practice. Other than starting early, the only other alternative (besides finding a new venue) is to do two big loops, then two small loops, to avoid some of the traffic. Nice job gutting it out through the wind, everyone.

- i.

pgfde121's ravatar pgfde121    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 284
RE: Duathlon Thank You
POSTED: 4/17/10 10:15 PM

Thanks to all, another well run event! Next time I'll volunteer to be a wind guard at the bottom of the point, maybe it'll help a bit...

DCMadCow    JOINED: 3/17/09    POSTS: 2
RE: Duathlon Thank You
POSTED: 4/18/10 8:32 AM

Thanks to everyone who organized and voluteered! This was the first club event that I attended as a new member (I travel a lot for work), and coming from a small tri club prior, I am just blown away by the members and activities in DC Tri. The next training du is too close to the Columbia tri, but I would like to volunteer, if needed. -Tim

consoldane's ravatar consoldane    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 5
RE: Duathlon Thank You
POSTED: 4/18/10 9:41 PM

Great Job guys!!!! I had a great time. Well organized.

ajm27's ravatar ajm27    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 142
RE: Duathlon Thank You
POSTED: 4/18/10 9:44 PM

Ditto! Thank you all! Very well run and lots of fun!

morunner66's ravatar morunner66    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 728
RE: Duathlon Thank You
POSTED: 4/19/10 9:26 AM

Ditto to all - especially appreciated the traffic direction at the bottom of Ohio drive - the 2 volunteers down there were stellar! Hugh - you rock getting these all organized. All the volunteers so totally rock. I had an awesome time. Good to see some familiar faces and meet some new ones. Welcome all new club members!

Yes -Haines Point is somehow found real estate now. We'll just have to deal and be safe!

Thanks again everyone!

ncrcoach's ravatar ncrcoach    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 1101
RE: Duathlon Thank You
POSTED: 4/19/10 11:51 AM

Thanks for the complements, but it's all about the volunteers. Couldn't manage an event without them. Sorry, for the delay in results. I'll try to get them up in a few days.

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