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Volunteers needed for ACHIEVE Kids Tri
CREATED: 07/26/13 by afarfalla REPLIES:
afarfalla    JOINED: 4/15/13    POSTS: 13
Volunteers needed for ACHIEVE Kids Tri
POSTED: 7/26/13 8:07 AM

Hello All,

ACHIEVE Kids Tri is looking for volunteers on Friday, August 2 from 8am-12pm at Anacostia Recreation Center. Sign up here:
Please contact with questions.
Thanks and hope to see you out there!

Background Info:
ACHIEVE provides youth ages 9-14 with a fun, life-changing experience by introducing them to the sport of triathlon. ACHIEVE takes kids through a 6-week instruction and training program, provided free of charge and monitored by experienced and trained coaches. The ACHIEVE program helps kids master the fundamentals of swimming, cycling, running, and triathlon racing, as well as the essentials of proper nutrition, stretching, strength-training, and flexibility. The ACHIEVE program concludes each season with a timed short-course triathlon race, certified and sanctioned by USA Triathlon.

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