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Great discount athletic/tri gear site
CREATED: 01/03/13 by coachlane REPLIES:
coachlane    JOINED: 10/1/11    POSTS: 36
Great discount athletic/tri gear site
POSTED: 1/03/13 10:52 AM

If you are looking for a cheap source for tri gear (especially cycling clothes), I would recommend that you check out The Clymb. They feature a few brands per day at heavy discounts - over Christmas I picked up 2XU compression gear and Sugoi Jerseys for about 60% off. If you sign up on the site, you can set it to email you with the day's specials, so you can see if any solid tri gear is up for the day. If you are a climber or hiker, they also offer specialty gear for those activities on some days.

If you go and sign up through my link,
I get a bonus as well, which would be useful for fueling my addiction.


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