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2011 Board Nominations
CREATED: 11/02/10 by jules REPLIES: 17
jules    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 110
2011 Board Nominations
POSTED: 11/02/10 12:12 PM

The DC Triathlon Club is seeking motivated candidates for our 2011 Board of Directors. The active participation of our club members is what makes our club such a success and being part of the Board will enable you to help shape the club’s future. If you would like to become more involved with the club, this is your opportunity to do so. We encourage all interested candidates to nominate themselves for a Board position and a club-wide vote will determine the Board selection. Board members will serve for the full calendar year with an average time commitment of 5-10 hours per week. If you are interested please post to this thread and let us know why you are a good candidate (i.e. what have you done for the club, what experience do you have, and what would you like to see happen in 2011). Please post by November 15th if you would like to be considered. Responses to this thread should only be to announce yourself as a candidate. Please send questions to

**** Please note our club bylaws state that you must be a club member for at least year to be elected to the Board, exceptions to this require the unanimous approval of the current Board. Contact with any questions you may have about this requirement. To view the bylaws, go to the "Club Info" section of this site.

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POSTED: 11/02/10 3:09 PM


ncrcoach's ravatar ncrcoach    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 1101
RE: 2011 Board Nominations
POSTED: 11/02/10 7:00 PM

Okay, since it is Election Day I guess I should get the ball rolling. My name is Hugh Harris and for the past two years I have been the race director for your club. We have hosted training events like swim meets, duathlons, triathlons, bicycle time trials and fun runs. This past year I have been helping out with the CUA swim workouts, volunteered at numerous club events (Columbia and DC Tri brick nics, MultiSport Expo, etc.), and instructed OWS clinics. For 2011, I want to have events that are guaranteed pool time, avoid cherry blossom weekends, stay away from big rallies and pray we don’t get shut down by the police. My plan is to offer events that help prepare for our members for their goal races, are safe environments to race in and are enjoyable. As far as goals for 2011, I would love to see us win back the Mid-Atlantic Regions Club Championship. Also, I am open to any suggestions to our club members to make this the best triathlon club in the nation.

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POSTED: 11/03/10 11:37 AM


chloevdc's ravatar chloevdc    JOINED: 1/25/10    POSTS: 63
RE: 2011 Board Nominations
POSTED: 11/03/10 9:14 PM

(I realized I won't be in the country for the entire year, so I am de-nominating myself. Sorry for the confusion!) Good luck, all.

markhakd's ravatar markhakd    JOINED: 10/8/09    POSTS: 231
RE: 2011 Board Nominations
POSTED: 11/07/10 1:56 PM

Hi all, my name is Kevin Markham and I am running for the 2011 Board. This is only my second season participating in triathlons, but I have been a runner and cyclist for a number of years. This year, I have become extremely passionate about the sport of triathlon. Part of the reason is that I simply love to race, but the biggest factor in my addiction to the sport is the DC Tri Club. It allows me to learn from others and to share my knowledge, to support others and to be supported, and to hang out with some really cool people. In short: I love the club and would appreciate the chance to guide its direction and growth in order to make it the best club it can be.

This year, I was an active participant in the new Olympic Distance Training Program, competed in all of the training tris, and represented the club at Duathlon Nationals, our Regional and National Championships, the Nation’s Tri, and many others. I volunteered for NTP and at a few races, and also organized a few rides for the club. And I sacrificed my body to many club happy hours.

As a member of the Board, I would be most passionate about supporting the aspects of the club that create a sense of community, engage our current members, and bring new athletes into the sport and the club. Therefore, I would work towards the following initiatives:

(1) Encourage more club members to wear their gear when racing and especially when training, to create a greater sense of community and unity. Consider ways to support the purchase of gear, such as by subsidizing the cost or by offering more frequent purchase cycles.

(2) Improve the features and usability of the website. The forum encourages a community within the club, but I would like to extend that to other areas of the website. I have the technical experience to lead this project.

(3) Find new ways to recruit members. Strategies include a better use of social media, link exchanges with other websites, creating incentives for recruitment, producing hard copy recruitment materials for distribution in local stores, contacting active triathletes in the local area who are not yet part of the club, and targeting local athletes who currently only focus on one sport.

(4) Solicit more frequent feedback from club members. The forum is one way to judge club feedback, but it reaches only a limited audience. More frequent surveys should be sent out via email. This could be used to figure out how to best engage current members as well as to re-engage members who are inactive or have let their memberships lapse.

(5) Offer seminars on a wide range of topics. There are many club members with expertise in different areas of triathlon, and the club should empower those members to share their knowledge in a structured setting.

Thanks for your consideration! Feel free to message me with any comments or questions.


courtr26's ravatar courtr26    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 119
RE: 2011 Board Nominations
POSTED: 11/08/10 10:15 AM

Hello! My name is Courtney Fulton and I would like to run for the 2011 Board. I have been a DC Tri Club member for over four years. I’ve met so many great people in the club through training events, happy hours and races. In 2011, I would love the opportunity to get involved even more in a leadership role by serving as a member of the Board.

I’ve been a runner most my life and started getting into triathlons about five years ago. I got more serious about racing over the past few years. I have my Masters degree in Health Promotion Management and did my grad internship as an exercise physiologist, have personal training experience and have been teaching group fitness for over ten years now. My full time job is as a Health & Safety Assistant for the International Association of Fire Fighters. I help manage our Fire Act grant so have experience tracking and spending a million dollar budget and all the fun reports that go along with grant writing and management. I also help plan the different conferences and workshops our department hosts including developing agendas, booking speakers, and organizing travel. Along with this, I help administer our Fit to Survive website and write health, fitness and nutrition articles for this site. (By the way, if you are looking for some great healthy recipes, visit and check out the Menu Planner!) I believe that the DC Tri website can be improved and also be used to get the club more involved. One portion of the site I would like to see utilized more, is the ‘Why I Tri’ and ‘Triathlete of the Month’ sections. I don’t think they have been updated since 08 and 09 respectively. These stories can be very motivating to members and used as a learning tool to see what others are doing for their training/racing. I don’t have IT background but I do have experience updating information on websites (I do this daily at work) so could help out with this aspect of the website.

Needless to say, I’m at a desk job now, and totally miss working hands on with people. Last year I trained for my first Ironman and this year I trained all year for various races including another Ironman coming up, so my ‘free time’ has been consumed with training. Now that I have a better idea of how to manage my training time, I want to be able to give back more to the club and become more involved with a leadership role. Over the past four years I’ve gotten to meet a lot of club members and from being in this sport for awhile know a lot of the workers/owners at many bike/running stores in the area to tap into for hosting workshops/events etc. I would love to help out with tri clinics myself. The reason for listing my work experience above, is because I believe I can use all these skills to benefit the Board and club in many different areas. I'm open to new ideas that members have to share and won't be afriad to bring up ideas or issues at the Board meetings. Thank you for taking the time to read and I hope to be representing DC Tri Club on the Board next year!


abbyjs's ravatar abbyjs    JOINED: 4/7/09    POSTS: 699
RE: 2011 Board Nominations
POSTED: 11/10/10 3:13 PM

Hey DC Tri! I'm Abby Sanford, and I would be honored to serve on the 2011 Board of Directors. When I moved back to DC in February of '09, I had raced for 2 years, and I joined the club immediately. I participated in a few training events in 2009, but I didn't truly get involved until this year. I have gained so much from this club--experience, advice, opportunities to train, learn, and socialize, and so many great friends--and I would absolutely love the opportunity to give back as a member of the Board.

Why I'd be good for the Board: I'm a planner! I nerd out on logistics. I loved planning the Pre-Nation's Brick-Nic this past August. Let's just say: there were spreadsheets involved. I'm not afraid to pick up the phone to ask for a permit or group rate or reserved space at the bar. I negotiated a good deal for our Annual Meeting at the Arlington Cinema Draft house. I like making things happen. I throw great parties, too! ;)

Things I'd like to see next year: Outreach, outreach, outreach. Our club does a solid job with social and training events, and keeping them going and improving what we can would be great. I think being more connected to our community would have a very positive impact on our club. Some examples: more organized volunteer efforts; making sure we are present and represented at community hearings regarding our training grounds (like bike lines, parks, pools, etc.) whether in DC, VA, or MD; partnering with other local clubs and teams for training events, volunteering, or group purchases; and reaching out to the FULL 1100 members of our club.

A sappy note: I really love this club and the people in it. Triathlon could be a very lonely sport; indeed, when we race, we race for ourselves. We race for a personal accomplishment, for personal enjoyment, sometimes even a PR. Without a club full of crazies--I mean, other people who like to train--being a triathlete could be a lonely experience, and the friendly faces on the road, in the pool, at the club tent (and let's be honest: at the bar!) have an exponential impact on my passion for triathlon.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you'll vote for me.

Abby Sanford
abby.sanford19 at

chad0022's ravatar chad0022    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 346
RE: 2011 Board Nominations
POSTED: 11/12/10 12:02 PM


My name is Amanda Chadwick and I would be honored to serve as a member of the DC Tri Club Board of Directors for 2011. As a board member for the past 2 years, I have enjoyed watching the Club’s membership and range of activities grow and improve. Most recently, I served as the Club secretary and volunteer coordinator. In addition to my duties as a board member, I have been involved in many other aspects of the club including writing swim workouts for CUA swims, helping out at training tris, updating the Café Press site, and participating in many happy hours.

I am running for the board again this year because I feel I bring a different perspective of the triathlon environment to the Club. I believe DC Tri Club has evolved into a welcoming environment for ALL levels of triathletes, whether you are a member of the elite team or a back of the pack participant, and I would like to see the Club continue to move in that direction. As a board member, my goal is to always be there to allow people to express their thoughts and feelings about the board decisions – both positive and negative. I feel my experience and knowledge gained from being on the board for the past two years, and from being a member since 2005 allows me a unique viewpoint to represent all members of this great Club.

I have had a wonderful time serving on the board and constantly meeting new members. I would love the opportunity to serve again.
Thank you for your consideration!

pserfass's ravatar pserfass    JOINED: 3/23/09    POSTS: 450
RE: 2011 Board Nominations
POSTED: 11/13/10 12:00 PM

I'm Patrick Serfass and I'd like to ask for your vote for the 2011 Board of Directors. I've been a member of the club since its formative days in 2002, and have supported the club since then in regional and international races from the sprint distance to the 70.3 World Championships and all kinds of club events.

This year, 2010:
I served on the Board as your treasurer, manager of many website upgrades and leader of the Hains Point Tu/Th bike and brick morning workouts.

From a financial perspective, we grew the assets of the club by about 20%, adding new programs to benefit you and still managing to a small surplus. We also made the club budget available for members on the website for the first time. Since I took over, we are now current on our tax and DCRA filings, and like before, the club has cash reserves to use for new programs and is debt free.

On the website, I helped manage several large back-end organizational tasks that now allow you to: log-in to the forum and rest of the website with one log-in, add 365 days to your membership at any time, email a fellow member from the forum, choose new membership goodies when you renew, and many more things that Sandy’s told you about in the enews she puts together each week. Plus, even more upgrades are on their way this month to organize race reports and allow members to see what other club members are signed up for an upcoming race. You may not be able to see all the changes, but this has built the foundation for other features that member will request and at a minuscule cost to the club, thanks to the folks we work with at Blue on Blue.

Finally, as a member of the newly formed Elite Team, it's been extremely rewarding to hear many of you say how well you raced this year after being pushed to your limit at the HP workouts. This was one of the main goals for this program. I’ve really enjoyed leading these workouts as we push each other to great results, and I hope we'll see more of you out there next year!

Next year, 2011:
We’ve made significant progress with managing club finances, the website and expanding training options for triathletes of all abilities. But there is more work to be done. I’m asking for your vote again to continue the work that we’ve started in these areas, while we help the club get more involved with the community as several others have suggested. I also want to help us reclaim the regional title AND capture the national club championship for the first time. In 2009, 4 of us helped the club claim 3rd in the nation. In 2010, over 80 of us helped the club claim 2nd. 2011 is the year for DC Tri!

As a native Washingtonian, I bring 16 years triathlon racing experience and 8 years experience managing clean energy non-profit organizations in DC. I hope you’ll give me your vote.

See you out there!

gwcrew2000's ravatar gwcrew2000    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 127
RE: 2011 Board Nominations
POSTED: 11/14/10 5:42 PM

I am Steve Carlson and I would like your vote to be on the Board of Directors for 2011. For the past year I have had the pleasure of serving on the Board as Training Coordinator. In that time I have learned a great deal about how the club operates and see some areas for improvement.

Last year I ran for the Board on the platform of three goals and I believe all of those were reached. First was to increase the presence of DC Tri around the city by getting members wearing our gear- I believe this was achieved as using Champion Systems as our gear provider has allowed the club to purchase gear more often and offer a wider range of products. Second was to elevate the quality of training and racing- I believe this was done by increasing the number of programs the club offers members to include an Olympic and Ironman Program and the formation of the Elite Team. Third was to increase the participation at club workouts and functions- I know this was reached as I have personally seen an increase in the participation of workouts and have heard from club members that they noticed a difference over last year as well.

Next year I would like to continue building upon what the club offered this year.

Training Weekends- All of those who attended seemed to have a great time training and bonding at the Deep Creek weekend and I think we could expand on that. This weekend I traveled to WV to look at a camp with a private lake the club could possibly rent for a long weekend and have a private training camp. This would provide a great training opportunity for all abilities as it can accommodate over 100 athletes.

Races- I would like to make a more concerted effort to get larger groups going to select events. For those of you who have been in the club long enough, you may remember the Featured Races section of the website. I would like to bring this back to give members an idea what races may be a good idea to sign up for before they sell out. Also, if anyone attended the DC Triathlon or Myrtle Beach, I think you will agree that the Club had a full spread of food and drink at the finish line. This is great support and it would be nice to see that at a few more races as well.

Elite Team- I think this program has a lot of potential to help expose the rest of the country to DC Tri and help all of the club members along the way. As with any new program, there are some improvements that need to be made, but I would like to see this program continue in the future.

Website- This year the website had a lot of new features added to the website. I would like to continue developing the website to be more interactive for club members including a better calendar that can show races and who is attending those races.

Serving this year on the Board of Directors has been a pleasure and with your vote I look forward to serving next year.

sandyc's ravatar sandyc    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 288
RE: 2011 Board Nominations
POSTED: 11/14/10 8:11 PM

Vote for Pedro….I mean, Sandy! :::^D::

All joking aside, my name is Sandy Chiang, and I am asking for your vote for to be elected to the 2011 Board of Directors. I have been a club member since joining the New Triathlete Program (NTP) in 2008, and I have played an active role in the club ever since (starting from being informally dubbed “social chair” by my fellow NTPers, to becoming a NTP co-leader and Sugoi gear order coordinator in 2009, and eventually joining the Board as Volunteer Coordinator in August 2009). I have had the pleasure of serving on the Board for the past 1.5 years, most recently as the 2010 Communications Coordinator. Yes, I’m the one who brings a little DC Tri love (aka the weekly newsletter) to your inbox every week. In addition to keeping the club members informed of what’s going on, I also returned for a second year as NTP co-leader, as well as coordinated the USAT National Club Challenge, aka the off-season challenge (*warning* shameless plug within a plug - don’t forget to sign-up for this year’s challenge by Dec 1 - click here to see how!).

Why should you vote for me? I bring with me valuable experience with the inner workings of the club, as well as the experience of growing from a rookie, completely new to the sport, to an aspiring Ironman. I enjoy training as much as playing, and am always looking for ways to combine the two. I have strong communication and organizational skills, critical to working to support a club of our size. And most of all, I love DC Tri Club and want to continue to see it grow and prosper. It has been an honor to serve the Club as a Board member this year, and I hope to have the privilege of doing so again next year. Thank you for your consideration!

smakane's ravatar smakane    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 50
RE: 2011 Board Nominations
POSTED: 11/14/10 8:45 PM

Hi... my name is Shannon Kane and I am asking for your vote to be elected as member of the 2011 Board of Directors.

After moving back to DC from a two-year period in Philly where I was a member of a Philly tri club, I was excited to discover the DC Tri Club. I quickly learned that the club was exactly what I had hoped for and more! For the past two years I have been involved with club activities in a more low-key role- mostly volunteering for different events and club programs. But now I would love the opportunity to serve in a more formal capacity for the club-- trying to give back and support others the way I have been supported since joining.

It has been great to see the club grow and move forward the past couple of years-- continuing to 'tap' into the amazing resource of our diverse membership seems like a natural way to keep the our Club top notch. This is one area that I know I can contribute to if elected to the Board.

Being a member of the DC Tri Club has definitely made an amazing difference in all aspects of my triathlon life...having the opportunity to train and socialize with fellow members definitely helped make finishing my first iron-distance race this year possible.

With your vote, I hope to have the privilege of serving the Club and its members.

rtroll's ravatar rtroll    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 510
RE: 2011 Board Nominations
POSTED: 11/15/10 11:13 PM

Hello everyone....Ryan Troll here and I would like your vote for the 2011 Board.

Here is my DC Tri Club story and why you should vote for me...

I joined the club 3 years ago in the spring of 2008 after signing up for Nation's Triathlon, little did I know at that time what tremendous ROI I would realize from that small $35 investment. Since then this investment has paid dividends in so many ways including lifelong friendships, wisdom of the tri-community crowd, access to so many tangible and intangible benefits, the chance to fine tune my athletic ability with the help from so many of you, the chance to be part of a cause and the support I've needed to compete at all levels of the sport from sprint to ironman.

A few key sound bites from my DC Tri story

- In 2009 I became active in the club as a mentor for NTP, as a volunteer for many of the local races and DC Tri training opportunities and as an advocate for our mission with non-members and potential new partners.

- In 2010 I grew my involvement in NTP as a co-leader, I spear-headed a new partner relationship with Revolution Cycle's and I convinced my mother to serve a per-race dinner for many of you at Musselman 70.3.

- I've represented DC Tri at all of the races I've competed in since 2008, wearing our colors proudly.

- I've had a chance to meet and get to know so many of you at our many training and social opportunities including the HP rides, training tri's, deep creek weekend trips, club nationals, and the list goes on!

What I would bring to the DC Tri Board

Previous Board Experience - I've served on my college's alumni board for the past 4 years in many capacities including at-large director, various committee chair positions and currently am in an executive leadership role.

Membership Organization Experience - I currently work for one of the largest non-profit member organizations in DC where I've been involved with work spanning from strategy development to operations planning to membership acquisition and renewals.

Fund-raising Experience - I've been involved as a fundraising leader for a local charity where I lead a cycling team to raise over $40,000 in donations.

Marketing Experience - I have subject matter experience with marketing for membership organizations. This includes everything from email to web marketing, mobile, etc. In my current professional role I am responsible for growing our footprint with our members across our digital marketing channels.

Local Experience & Relationships - In my tenure here in DC, I've spread my wings out across many different social and training circles both inside and outside of the DC Tri club and I enjoy finding opportunities to bring them together when appropriate.

What my agenda would look like for 2011 if I were elected:

Marketing & Communication Initiatives - We, as an organization, accomplish and provide a lot of value to current members, prospect members and our community. Through the work of our current and past Board members, our internal communications has become top-notch. I would like to see us leverage this skill and re-visit our external communications plan to ensure we are "telling the DC Tri club story" amongst our community. Having a strong external communications plan in place would allow us to position ourselves even better when it comes to things such as local advocacy, club discount negotiations, local & regional media, etc.

Partnership Strategy - Historically our partnership model has been primarily centered around discounts with local, regional and national partners. Through the great work of our preceding Board members, we've grown our suite of discounts and member perks to be among the best of any local organization. I believe there is an opportunity here to revisit this model and become more strategic in our relationships with our partners to the end of maximizing these perks for our members. For example, if I were elected, I would work to better understand which partner "perks" are of value to our members, bring each partner to the "table" to best understand how we can position our individual relationships and ensure we are delivering on this aspect of our member benefits.

Program Optimization - The club has built an amazing suite of training programs over the past few years to offer to prospect and tenured members. As a co-leader for NTP, I've observed opportunities to operationally align these programs to ensure we are maximizing our resources in order to best serve our members who are taking advantage of these programs. Within NTP we are making strides to optimize how we run the program to ensure year over year continuity. If elected, I would work with all of our DC Tri Club program leaders to discuss and implement cross-program optimization. This, in turn, would better equip our programs to serve our members.

Thank you for you consideration. I look forward to serving the club in 2011 in whatever capacity it will allow me!


amacos's ravatar amacos    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 157
RE: 2011 Board Nominations
POSTED: 11/16/10 12:12 AM

My name is Adriana Anderson and I would love to serve as your Board Member. My background is in strategic, business and operational planning, international development, project management, as well as race, marketing and sponsorship management. I am a dedicated, hard-working professional and athlete whose enthusiasm and love for the sport crosses every boundary.

My experience is based on education and with leading organizations, teams and managing training and race events here in the US and around the world. I bring multiple levels of Triathlon experience from a swimming pool Tri to the Ironman distance Tri. I have a deep passion for working and motivating others to go above and beyond their comfort zone to achieve their goals. I like to instill enthusiasm and passion for the sport and I devote 200% in everything I do.

I have served DC Tri as a mentor to many athletes who are part of the beginner, half-iron and Ironman program. I have supported the organization of many of our events including our brick-nicks, OWS clinics, happy hours, bike rides as well as have organized several training events such as PeasantMan and multiple Half Marathons and Marathons (Potomac River Run Marathon, Alexandria Running Festival, International Peace Half, High Cloud Half Marathon etc) to provide our club members with training opportunities where they can develop and finesse their full Triathlon abilities. I have also placed our DC Tri logo on the race shirts of these events which has given a great marketing opportunity for our Club. I have also promoted collaboration among local triathlon teams to find a common ground where we can all benefit and prosper. All of these events have supported a number of nonprofit organizations including: The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, The Red Cross, Achieve Kids, the High Cloud Foundation, ASHA Foundation among others.

I would like our Board to be 100% about you -- beginner, intermediate, elite and veteran athletes. I would like everyone to feel included and have the same opportunities while providing incentives and rewards for accomplishing their first Sprint or Olympic Tri, Half Ironman or Ironman Distance

As a Board member, I would:

-- Like to be your sounding board and provide you with the tools that you need (whether it is gear, coaching, training partners, sponsorships, etc) so that you can be successful in the sport that we all love so dearly
-- Expand our DC Tri leadership role by forging friendly collaboration among other local, national and international teams and clubs in order to increase our training opportunities, racing venues, sponsorship and marketing platform. Team effort equal great results
-- Provide 2 or 3 day training camps for athletes of all levels at an affordable price
-- Increase our presence at key races by finding ways in which we can subsidize some of the logistical costs for all members
-- Improve our website content by displaying our mission, vision, objectives and races in a clear manner. (A way to share who is doing what and ways in which they can connect)
-- Find ways in which our Triathlete moms and dads can get included, maybe having babysitting support on race day so they can both compete!
-- Increase Club events and outings to augment interaction among our hot single Tri Town population so they can share Tri stories :)
-- Make it a priority to increase activities for all of our members, by increasing the number of seminars, clinics, guest speakers, community involvement opportunities
-- Create incentives, rewards and opportunities for those members who are very active within the club and continue to support our Beginner, Intermediate and Elite Programs.
-- Nurture relationships with local officials (i.e. Park Rangers, State elected officials) so that we can organize and develop our events in an easy and smooth manner
-- Expand our sponsorship platform by being the spokesperson at key Triathlon events and expos in order to increase the sponsorship benefits that all our Club members will receive
-- Provide more information with respect to the club finances and have 2 or 3 roundtable sessions per year where the Board could answer or clarify questions that our members may have with respect to the state of the Club
-- Establish an orientation meeting with our new members once a quarter where we can share information on the Club, what we do (training programs and races), how our members are making a difference in the community and how they can be involved with all of our activities

I strongly believe that our future lies on having a defined strategic plan, including every single member in our training and racing events, collaborating and creating positive relationships among other clubs and sponsors, providing community support and creating ways in which we can all feed on each other’s enthusiasm and love for the sport in order to encourage others to Tri!

Although the above is my wish list for 2011, my only promise to you is that I will serve you 100% and will go the extra mile to help you achieve your goals, whether is your first Tri, lack of motivation, training, new PR, Half and Full Ironman distance. As a board member I will make sure that our decision reflects our passion for the sport

Today, I would like to ask you for your vote so that I can better serve you!


Adriana Anderson

jules    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 110
RE: 2011 Board Nominations
POSTED: 11/16/10 10:54 AM

Thank you all for submitting your nominations! The Board election will be conducted by e-mail and the ballot will be sent out to all club members within the next week.

We appreciate your willingness to serve the club. It's going to be another exciting year for DC Tri!


JohnGinsberg's ravatar JohnGinsberg    JOINED: 3/29/09    POSTS: 35
RE: 2011 Board Nominations
POSTED: 11/30/11 2:58 AM

Hello all. I'm sure I'm not alone in wanting to make an informed decision in casting a ballot for the board. The ballot lists a slate of 11 candidates, of which we are asked to select 10. Two questions:

1. My ballot does not include some (like Adriana and Sandy) who've made a case for their candidacies in this thread, perhaps even a relatively strong case. Seems a pity. Can anyone explain?

2. My ballot includes some who've made no case for their candidacies in this thread. Is there some other part of the website where interested members can learn about the full slate of candidates? (And will a link to that place be included in this week's DC Tri Club News?)


legalmoose's ravatar legalmoose    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 237
RE: 2011 Board Nominations
POSTED: 11/30/11 7:29 AM


This is the wrong thread for the Nov/Dec 2011 election. You want the one for the 2012 Board elections, which can be found here.


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