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Best Shop for Bike Repair
CREATED: 08/27/11 by Andre REPLIES: 9
Andre's ravatar Andre    JOINED: 4/8/11    POSTS: 50
Best Shop for Bike Repair
POSTED: 8/27/11 7:35 PM

I took a spill in yesterday's rain and did some damage to my bike. Front and rear tires out of true (maybe worse) and tore off my rear derailleur.

I took my bike into Capitol Hill Bikes this morning and am having it looked at. The mechanic said he would take a look and get back to me. Didn't get the feeling I was at the top of his list and I subsequently read a few negative reviews about them on the internet.

I'm racing Savageman in Sept so keen to get my bike back in working order as soon as possible. If I don't hear from the guy tomorrow I might look elsewhere.

What are the best bike shops for a quality and quick turn around?


nikhil    JOINED: 1/3/11    POSTS: 6
RE: Best Shop for Bike Repair
POSTED: 8/27/11 10:09 PM

I've had quite a few good experiences--both in terms of quality of work and a quick turnaround--with CycleLife in Georgetown

clcohen's ravatar clcohen    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 99
RE: Best Shop for Bike Repair
POSTED: 8/27/11 10:25 PM

If you're near Revolution Cycles in Clarendon, I'd recommend them. I go there for repairs, and I've tried every place in the area. They are that good, in terms of responsiveness, customer service, and quality. Sadly, I don't give them all my business since they don't have a huge stock, or stock the things I like. But service/repair is great. I go there first, always.

Milton at Bicycle Pro shop in Alexandria kept my constantly-crashing mountain bike in prime condition last year. Can't speak for tri/road bike repairs, but Milton has been mountain biking for 15 years and knows how to keep your stuff in working order.

5 years ago, I would go out of my way to patronize capitol hill bikes, but they've gone downhill in terms of responsiveness, stock, and quality. worst experiences, by far, with Conte's. Read other reviews. Some great mechanics, but the salespeople will rip you off in a nearly-illegal way.

Tri bonzai has crack mechanics, but you are going out of your way (falls church) and they will try to upgrade you. If you stick to what you want, you get good service at a reasonable price.

Andre's ravatar Andre    JOINED: 4/8/11    POSTS: 50
RE: Best Shop for Bike Repair
POSTED: 8/28/11 4:49 PM

Thanks guys, I appreciate the responses. Cap Hill Bikes was closed today but I'll touch base with them tomorrow and see what the story is.

Incidentally, I was at Bike and Roll in Logan Circle and they seemed like a good shop. Staff was friendly and everyone seemed pretty knowledgeable.

denaindc's ravatar denaindc    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 192
RE: Best Shop for Bike Repair
POSTED: 8/28/11 5:13 PM

I have had really good experiences with bicyclepace in NW DC (near chinatown). I don't know how busy they are right now. They have been open for about a year.

bsull184's ravatar bsull184    JOINED: 2/6/10    POSTS: 283
RE: Best Shop for Bike Repair
POSTED: 8/28/11 5:27 PM

I was never really impressed with the service (or cost) of a lot of the shops around, though there are many I never tried. The only good experience I had was with District Hardware/ Bike Shop in Foggy Bottom. They cater more towards casual/commuter bikes, but it's all the same stuff.

I will say though, your repair work on your bike sounds pretty extensive, so that's definitely something that needs some time to look over and redo. Probably specialty parts (at least a derailleur hanger) that would need to be ordered, and wheel truing can take some time if its serious.

I finally broke down and started doing it all myself. I think I'm just starting to break even with all the specialty tools like torque wrenches, bottom bracket tools, etc. Park Tools has a really great website that will tell you everything you need to know, if you ever get interested in doing it yourself.

vatriathlete    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 685
RE: Best Shop for Bike Repair
POSTED: 8/28/11 9:45 PM

conrad's bicycle shop in tudor city in manhattan nyc, best bike shop for repairs and complete overhauls that i have ever went to.

mosered's ravatar mosered    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 2217
RE: Best Shop for Bike Repair
POSTED: 8/29/11 10:03 AM

A little bit out of the way, a gem of a mom and pop shop is Wheel Nuts near Old Town, Alexandria. They have two excellent mechanics, Ray and the owner Ron, who work on bikes with TLC.

Andre's ravatar Andre    JOINED: 4/8/11    POSTS: 50
RE: Best Shop for Bike Repair
POSTED: 8/29/11 5:00 PM

Thanks for all the replies guys.

Unfortunately I have a new question. I spoke to another fellow at Cap Hill Bikes - who for the record has been pretty helpful - and my frame is cracked at the dropouts so I'm SOL.

Looks like I'm going to have to buy a new frame set OR replace the bike completely. I know a little bit about bike mechanics but not sure I can do an entire rebuild on my own or purchase a new bike outright in the next 3 weeks.

Guess I'm looking for a good deal on a used bike or frameset which I can later incorporate with my current components. Hopefully this will work out to be a fun project and help me take my bike mechanic skills to the next level.

In the interim, any one know if any local shops rent bikes for the weekend?

jane456's ravatar jane456    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 69
RE: Best Shop for Bike Repair
POSTED: 8/29/11 9:46 PM

My derailleur hanger broke off 3 weeks before Kinetic Half earlier this year. It was integrated into the frame so it wasn't a quick fix (needed to get sent back to Trek, etc.). I ended up renting a bike from Big Wheels in Arlington (next to the Italian Store) for $250 for 3 weeks. It was by far the cheapest option - most other stores were charging that much per week. It wasn't the nicest bike I could have rented, but it served it's purpose and got me through til race day. Good luck!


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