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In Need Of A Garmin 305 Expert
CREATED: 08/12/09 by trithis73 REPLIES: 4
trithis73's ravatar trithis73    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 525
In Need Of A Garmin 305 Expert
POSTED: 8/12/09 8:49 AM

I am about to start using my 305 to it's full potential, but am having trouble figuring this thing out. I have only really used it for just running, but learned it does so much more. So if anyone is an expert. I would love to pick your brain on this one.

nomisdc's ravatar nomisdc    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 621
RE: In Need Of A Garmin 305 Expert
POSTED: 8/12/09 10:18 AM

Read the directions :)
A great benefit of the 305 is Auto Multi-sport. This is missing in the 405, which is why I went back to the 305 (2-305's for an Ironman distance due to 8 hr battery - the new 310XT corrects this with a 20 hour battery).

Hit Mode to access the Menu, select Training and then select Auto Multi Sport. Make sure it's highlighting Start MultiSport. Hit Enter to start.
When you are finished with one sport, simply hit the Lap button and the device will change sports automatically.
In the swim start, do the above, hit Enter to start (earlier than the gun, say 1 minute, so you aren't doing it at the gun).
After swim, hit Lap - it starts T1 time
After bike mount, hit Lap - starts bike and displays all your bike fields.
After bike, hit Lap - it starts T2 time.
After T2, hit Lap - it starts run and displays your run fields.
At finish, hit Start/Stop.
Warning: Don't his start/stop to change sports - it stops the timer instead. If you do this, simply hit start/stop again to start time back up. Also the weird thing is you have to highlight Start MultiSport and hit Enter (button on the right) not Start/Stop to start the workout/race.

After you finish - download the data or go to History to see them on your watch.
Voila - 3 sports, 2 transitions, 1 watch.

trithis73's ravatar trithis73    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 525
RE: In Need Of A Garmin 305 Expert
POSTED: 8/12/09 11:28 AM


Thanks for that info. That helps a lot. Funny, you are the reason I am trying out my Garmin in a race. When I asked you about it at New Jersey. After that I bought the bike cadence/speed monitor, and bike mount for just rides. Waiting for them to get in, but I still want to roll with it this weekend. Again Thanks... gonna print this out, and try this on my brick this week.

suzkinsky's ravatar suzkinsky    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 121
RE: In Need Of A Garmin 305 Expert
POSTED: 8/12/09 3:30 PM

Ooh, the, I wish I had an extra $400 lying around. Although I have to say that my 305 has held up to lots of water exposure and done fine, knock on wood.

I don't use the multi-sport feature the way Simon described it because I really don't care about my swim and transition times in a race - I just want to see my bike and run metrics. Before the race I set the 305 to bike mode. I usually strap it right around my handlebars or wear it on my wrist during the bike; then as I run out of T2 I hit and hold "Mode" until the menu appears. When you scroll to "Run" and hit "Enter" the clock restarts and you see your running displays. This is also useful during training bricks when you don't really have transitions to worry about - it's a quick way to switch to running mode without having to reset the watch, and at the end it will display your total multi-sport time and distance.

You should also play around with programming workouts into the watch. You can do the programming through the Garmin training center (which you see when you plug in your watch to your computer) or if you're really ambitious you can set the program into the watch itself. I have a few complicated interval workouts and once I realized that I could preset the watch to beep at me at every prescribed interval, the heavens opened and the angels sang.

What I have NOT played around with yet (but really want to) is loading cue sheets into the Garmin.

nomisdc's ravatar nomisdc    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 621
RE: In Need Of A Garmin 305 Expert
POSTED: 8/12/09 6:05 PM

Good luck with the Brick and call me if you got any questions. Another weapon in your arsenal :) The way Suz says to do it is great as well.
You can also edit your multisport mode to include as many or as few sports as you want - eliminate the swim for example.

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