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Transition Bag
CREATED: 06/16/13 by AROD REPLIES: 4
AROD    JOINED: 1/16/13    POSTS: 27
Transition Bag
POSTED: 6/16/13 1:47 PM

I was wondering if anyone had any advice on what a good transition bag would be? I just finished the NTP program and a couple friends have suggested getting a transition bag to help keep things organized for the race. Any thoughts?

gswiszcza's ravatar gswiszcza    JOINED: 1/27/10    POSTS: 35
RE: Transition Bag
POSTED: 6/16/13 5:11 PM

I've been pretty happy with my De Soto bag:

It's GIANT. I was able to stuff everything I needed in there when I did Alcatraz last year and needed to carry an extra pair of running shoes and a wetsuit. My only complaint is that the backpack straps are a little too close together and rub a bit when you're wearing it.

raeberha's ravatar raeberha    JOINED: 4/14/12    POSTS: 10
RE: Transition Bag
POSTED: 6/16/13 6:57 PM

I spent quite some time last year during NTP 2012 researching bags and found this article helpful: also offers rock-solid gear review such as this one for the Rocket Science tri bag:

Ultimately, it's just up to personal preference and your budget. I ended up going with the Louis Garneau Race Day Revo Bag and have been VERY pleased with it:

Good luck!

merriamk's ravatar merriamk    JOINED: 9/10/12    POSTS: 73
RE: Transition Bag
POSTED: 6/17/13 9:05 AM

Not sure if you're interested, but I've got an extra trans bag for sale:

it's been used twice, both races I PRed too (bag is SO aero). Asking $50. Send me a msg if you're interested.


AROD    JOINED: 1/16/13    POSTS: 27
RE: Transition Bag
POSTED: 6/17/13 7:37 PM

Thanks for all the input. I ended up buying the Desoto Transition bag that night. I was able to find a good price and based on doing some reading on the different transition bags. Kenn, thank you for the response as well I know someone who is looking for a bag so I will see if they are interested.


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