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Help us win a trip by drinking cheaply!
CREATED: 02/10/11 by drphungky REPLIES:
drphungky    JOINED: 9/7/10    POSTS: 37
Help us win a trip by drinking cheaply!
POSTED: 2/10/11 11:35 AM

Hey guys, so based on my girlfriend's super successful birthday party at Sign of the Whale, she was invited to um... invite lots of people to Sign of the Whale this weekend. She's going to be away skiing, but I am picking up the slack in her place. If we end up with the most guests Saturday night, we BOTH win an ALL EXPENSES PAID TRIP TO LAS VEGAS!!!!

Drink specials are from 9-11, but you definitely want to get there early to make sure you get in in time to get counted - and to take full advantage of the drink specials! I'm thinking by 8:30 if you want to get your money's worth. Sometimes these things end up with decent lines forming by 10.

Please please PLEASE show up, then say my name (Erik Bergmann, drphungky will get you weird looks) at the door, and you get a wristband for $3 drinks, everything except top shelf liquor! You get to get cheaply drunk on a Saturday, and could help us win a trip!

Hope to see you all there!

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