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Nutrition Assessments
CREATED: 10/01/09 by nicoleshue REPLIES:
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Nutrition Assessments
POSTED: 10/01/09 10:23 AM


While you are doing your Tidal EPC VO2 testing, also give your diet a checkup!

Nutrition Screening - $70
- In this 30-minute session with the sports dietitian, you will review your current nutrition behaviors, meal composition, timing, and other factors that influence performance. Rebecca will make recommendations for changes that will help you reach your goals.

Nutrition Assessment - $135 (10% discount off regular price)
- In this 60 minute session with the sports dietitian, you will complete everything in the 30-minute session along with a comprehensive analysis of a 2-day food record. Rebecca will email you a nutrition assessment report PDF within 24 hours of your session.

Everyone who completes a screening or assessment will receive a coupon for 20% any future nutrition service package.

Rebecca Scritchfield is a registered dietitian specializing in sports nutrition and weight management. An athlete herself, she regularly completes marathons, trail ultra marathons, and triathlons throughout the country.

To Register, contact Tidal EPC at or 202-249-1621

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