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New Saucony Tri Gear Available in NOVA
CREATED: 05/05/09 by hlindsay REPLIES:
hlindsay    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 8
New Saucony Tri Gear Available in NOVA
POSTED: 5/05/09 9:28 AM

Hi All,

Metro Run & Walk of Springfield has just brought in a line of Saucony Tri Suits, Tops and Shorts. They also have other great necessities like nutritionals, body glide and much more! They are looking to see how the Tri Gear moves in the area so its important for it to move! (so we can get more great stuff without a far hike)

There is currently an awesome deal going on for Buy 1 Pair of Shoes, Buy 1 Pair of Socks get a free technical shirt! I just ran the Muddy Buddy in the Saucony Tri Shorts and the Tech Shirt and I was a very happy camper!

Their customer loyalty program is great, 5 % off your first purchase then $10 off every $100 dollars you spend.

For those of us who are true Northern Virginia living definitely go check out what they have. They are located at 7261 Commerce St in Springfield (behind the Trader Joe's plaza on Old Keene Mill). Phone number is 703.913.0313.

Keep enjoying the rain :-P

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