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Philippines Relief fundraising
CREATED: 11/17/13 by chungaw REPLIES:
chungaw    JOINED: 2/18/11    POSTS: 1
Philippines Relief fundraising
POSTED: 11/17/13 4:12 PM

As some of you might know, I will be heading to the Philippines on Monday to assist with the relief effort. I am currently trying to raise support for the trip:

I appreciate any support you can provide, both money and prayers are welcome.
To donate money, please follow the link below or paypal me directly at chungaw_(at)


If you would like to make a tax deductable financial contribution to this team, a check may be made payable to McLean Bible Church (with the memo reading GI – Philippines Relief Trip) and mailed to me by (11/22/2013)). Or, if you’d prefer, you can make a donation online at

Click on ’Donate Here’ and follow the instructions. You may be asked to log in with a username and password but you will not be added to any mailing lists or promotional materials. Select the GI – Philippines Relief Trip (MBC) team and type my name when it asks for a team member. If you choose to make an anonymous donation to the team you do not have to type a team member’s name, just type ‘General - anonymous’. All contributions are tax deductible. If the team is successful in raising our financial goal, all excess funds will be applied to either the needs directly related to the ministry of this trip or to fund additional outreach efforts within Global Impact.

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