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new, looking for training partners
CREATED: 04/01/11 by abg17 REPLIES:
abg17    JOINED: 3/21/11    POSTS: 6
new, looking for training partners
POSTED: 4/01/11 11:16 AM

Hello! I did my very first sprint tri last summer and decided to join the DC Tri Club this year. I know about the club-wide training events on the calendar, but wanted to check and see if there are other group runs/rides/swims, especially for those living in the Columbia Heights/U Street/Adams Morgan areas. Are the group runs all different levels? I'm not a complete beginner, but definitely not elite either, so I don't want to make a fool of myself out there :) I'm planning to do the sprint in DC in June, but the only open-water swim I've done was in a lake, so I'm a little nervous for the Potomac.
Thanks! I look forward to meeting everyone.

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