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Seeking partner(s) for half iron training (Vineman)
CREATED: 01/06/14 by jlinfors REPLIES: 4
jlinfors's ravatar jlinfors    JOINED: 1/6/14    POSTS: 6
Seeking partner(s) for half iron training
POSTED: 1/06/14 10:09 AM

Hi everyone, I'm looking for a partner/partners to train for a half iron. My race is the Vineman on July 14, but if you're doing one in June or July I think there will be enough overlap that we can make the training work.

I'm located in DC and prefer to train in the city. I plan to do the rides & runs outside as much as possible. I'll swim & lift at the Y (can do either Anthony Bowen or Rhode Island & 17th).

Starting March 10, I'm following an 18 week plan that I've put on a google calendar for easy sharing. Goal is to be under 6 hours, focus on improving my bike speed and run. I have done one half iron previously - Eagleman in 2010. It was miserable.

A bit about me:
Swim: I haven't swum laps in 3 years. But once I'm in the groove I'm intermediate speed.
Bike speed: 18-22
Run: Currently low 9's/mile. Goal is low 8's.

I have been in DC more than six years but am new to DC Tri. Previously I was a member of Y Tri 2008-2010. Then I stopped doing tris for about three years, and am now in NCVC (haven't yet raced, will this spring) & training for Vineman.

Comet's ravatar Comet    JOINED: 9/9/13    POSTS: 22
RE: Seeking partner(s) for half iron training (Vineman)
POSTED: 1/07/14 3:32 PM


I have a similar goal this year, my first 70.3, but I am still debating which one I should pursue (any recommendations?). I have completed a couple of olys in the DC area (with relatively easy training schedules ‘cause I work full time). As a reference, last Nation Tri: Swim: 33min, Bike: 1:09h, Run:51min.

I started training for the 70.3 (focusing on technique mostly), but it would be great to have training partners. I live in SW DC and usually train around this area (mall, hains point, etc). I swim Tuesdays and Thursdays (7-ish pm) in the William H. Rumsey Aquatic Center, but I can be flexible regarding locations and meeting points.

Please feel free to contact me.

apsalmeron's ravatar apsalmeron    JOINED: 1/13/13    POSTS: 21
RE: Seeking partner(s) for half iron training (Vineman)
POSTED: 1/07/14 3:50 PM

Hey there--sounds like we are on similar schedules with similar goals.
I'm doing my first half iron on the 13th (Musselman). I would love someone to do longer rides/runs with. I plan to do most all my swimming workouts through Masters.
I live in DC (near Mt Vernon Sq metro). As far as speeds, my Olympics last spring averaged at right under 3 hrs. I just ran philly marathon in 359 and I generally run around 830s if just going for a loop. Bike depends... more on the 18-20 probably but Ive always ridden alone.

Anywyas, let me know if you ever want to train! Id be interested to see your training calendar.

jlinfors's ravatar jlinfors    JOINED: 1/6/14    POSTS: 6
RE: Seeking partner(s) for half iron training (Vineman)
POSTED: 1/08/14 10:41 AM

For anyone else interested, I created a google group. Year in the name is an error but can't be changed. Join us!!forum/half-iron-tri-ers-2013

nomisdc's ravatar nomisdc    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 621
RE: Seeking partner(s) for half iron training (Vineman)
POSTED: 1/08/14 4:17 PM

A lot of folks are signing up for the half ironman program if you are interested in joining. Goal race is Musselman.

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