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Chatty for the Ironman family and crew
CREATED: 09/04/13 by melinda REPLIES:
melinda    JOINED: 3/3/13    POSTS: 11
Chatty for the Ironman family and crew
POSTED: 9/04/13 5:39 AM

Hey folks, thought I would list some of the awesome things to do in Chattanooga for the family and friends that you coerce to travel with you, or meet up there...
-Lookout Mountain/Ruby Falls (a fun, quirky tourist trap for the whole family)
-Chattanooga Choo Choo hotel (Pricey, but neat)
-Climbing (bouldering and traditional)
-Typical river sports
-Great eats
-Golf (conveniently next to bouldering)
-A LOT of hiking and trail running within 20 min of down town with some great views to boot

Also, there is a hostel and a Chatty City Bike Share if folks want a way to stay cheap and get around cheap (and aren't the ones with the tri bike in tow) :o)

I'm sure there are more, this is just the short list that comes to mind at 530 am.

Chatty has been called the Boulder of the East, and I tend to agree, it's an awesome small city and only a 10 - 11 hr drive from DC.


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