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Bike volunteers needed
CREATED: 03/17/09 by maur999 REPLIES:
maur999's ravatar maur999    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 2
Bike volunteers needed
POSTED: 3/17/09 3:45 PM

Hi all:

For those not racing it, the folks at the National Marathon/Half Marathon are looking for bike volunteers for this Saturday.

They need cyclists for both the half and the full. Warning, you have to be able to average up to 12 MPH if you are with the lead runners. :-)

Good opportunity to show our club giving to the racing community! If you are interested go to:

Kate will send an email with more info to those who register as a volunteer. Free tshirt and *almost* as much fun as doing it!


ps - they are looking for regular volunteers as well if you haven't dusted off that bike yet.

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