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DCTri Club USAT National Club Challenge - Update 6 (Complicated Miles Entry Edition)
CREATED: 12/29/12 by ballstoncyclist REPLIES:
ballstoncyclist's ravatar ballstoncyclist    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 496
DCTri Club USAT National Club Challenge - Update 6 (Complicated Miles Entry Edition)
POSTED: 12/29/12 3:39 PM

Procedures for Entering Miles in the next few days
This is the last newsletter of swim month, so for all the newcomers and anyone who has been here before but who has forgotten how this works, this is how the session wraps up:

The official end to the Swim Session is midnight on December 31 local club time (that is Washington DC time). If any of you are unlucky enough to be in the pool at that time you may as well stop swimming. Not only is it time to grab a glass of champagne, any distance covered after midnight will not go towards the Swim Session - it will (or should, if you log it honestly) go towards January's session, the Bike Session.

However, you still have 48 hours to log your December miles. Up until midnight local time on January 2, 2013 you can still add your miles for December. Any mileage you actually DO on January 1 and 2 will count towards the Bike Session, but you won't be able to log those until January 3. Got it?

Because of the 7 day cutoff this year, that means that up until midnight January 2 you will be able to add any miles you put in from December 24 onwards. Anything you did before that date cannot be entered, but the 7 day cutoff ends on the 31st.

• the Swim Session officially ends December 31 at midnight
• December miles can be entered up until January 2 at midnight
• the Bike Session begins on January 1 at one second past midnight
• January miles can be entered beginning on January 3 at one second past midnight

Official results will take a few days as USAT look at who hit the benchmark first, and which teams won which divisions. The standings on the site are accurate but unofficial until the announcements are made by USA Triathlon.
Link to enter your miles

Swim in the New Year: December 31, 2012 10AM-2PM
This is a great event to end swim month with a bang. New Year fun swim consisting of 2012 yards x 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 (your choice)! The distance can be swum in any manner: in intervals, as one continuous swim, as a workout, or with equipment. Swim is at the Eppley Recreation Facility pool at the University of Maryland in College Park, MD and the entry fee is $12 at the door with plenty of refreshments provided.

So far I’ve heard from Victoria, James, Stephanie, Mr. Prez, Hugh. I won’t be joining you at UMD but will shoot to get my 5x2013 (10,065) at the Bondi Icebergs Baths (

Bike Month Preview: we have our work cut out for us
During December we have been outbiked by San Diego….by a lot! I know we were all focused on swim month, but the nice California weather and cycling strength of the Triathlon Club of San Diego means we all have to work really hard to get those bike miles up.

To begin bike month in style we have two opportunities to get those legs moving and do some hangover active recovery:

1. Hains Point New Year's day century ride: this is a bit torture, a bit fun, a bit social. You can do the full century or join for part of it. This is quickly turning into a DC tradition for cyclist and triathletes. More info at

2. Elliott and Katie’s New Year’s Ride at General Smallwood: They are planning a New Year's Day ride to kick off NCC bike month. Their plan is to ride loops on the Smallwood course, starting at 10 AM and going until they get tired (probably around 2-3 PM) More info at

Reminder about Swim Month Prizes
As I mentioned in a previous email, to make things a bit fair to those putting crazy miles regardless of Team, we’ve decided the top 75 swimmers at the end of swim month are eligible to win any swim prizes we get. For swim month the big prize is 2 Garmin 910XTs. We’ve added an additional incentive. If we win the 910s, one will be raffled among the top 75 swimmers at the end of swim month. The other will be raffled amongst all participants that beat the Board’s swim average. (Note: you can only win one)

Check our internal standings, now including a line for the board, at:

Bye for now and see you in 2013

Alejandro (a convert to the awesomeness of salt water pools)

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