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NTP Happy Hour
CREATED: 09/15/10 by PamS REPLIES: 2
PamS's ravatar PamS    JOINED: 1/26/10    POSTS: 375
NTP Happy Hour
POSTED: 9/15/10 2:34 PM

Hey Guys,

Since we've been talking about it I figured we should just do it. Let's meet up at the Club HH tomorrow at Public Bar. It'll be good to see everyone out there, hope to see you then!

bcfrank's ravatar bcfrank    JOINED: 3/23/09    POSTS: 1098
RE: NTP Happy Hour
POSTED: 9/15/10 3:54 PM

Yes, NTP of 2010, please, come to happy hour! The Co-Leaders have been meaning to put together an NTP happy hour to celebrate your accomplishments, but have just been swamped with our training/racing schedules and work. So please come celebrate your accomplishments. I would buy all of you a drink if I could afford it, but triathlons are an expensive sport (as you have now found out) and I'm broke! :(

If you all want to organize a completely separate happy hour that is just to celebrate how awesome you all were, then please do. Let one of the Co-Leaders know and we can get a message out to the NTPers.

We hope you all had a great experience this year in NTP and your first foray into triathlons. We hope you stay around the club to help out and participate in future events and races, training programs, and social events. 2011 NTP will start up again next year and we'll be looking for people to assist us in putting on a great program for future potential triathletes.

2010 NTP Co-Leader

cubuff's ravatar cubuff    JOINED: 7/29/09    POSTS: 12
RE: NTP Happy Hour
POSTED: 10/15/10 12:55 PM

Darn I was out of town for this. I hope another one comes around.


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