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Internat'l IM Weekend (& Luray/T'Man) thread
CREATED: 08/15/13 by mosered REPLIES: 4
mosered's ravatar mosered    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 2216
Internat'l IM Weekend (& Luray/T'Man)
POSTED: 8/15/13 11:15 AM

As a cheat sheet to aid in cheering and following racers, and according to the club site's race link & FB, here's a list of many of the ton of clubbers racing this weekend, at IM Mt Tremblant & IM Kalmar, Ntm Copenhagen & Luray & TimberMan. Go team go:

Mont Tremblant IM

ihan kim - merlinkim
Alejandro Escobar - ballstoncyclist
Victoria Anderson - vkanders
Shelly-Ann Sinclair - ssinclai
Sarah Karpinski - skarpers
Tom Pulham - tpulham
Ellen Wexler - ellenwex
Chuck McGee - chuckmcgee
Courtney Fulton - courtr26
Brian Bachor - bachorb
Mark Simon - marksimonx
Stephanie Brown - dsdiver09
Christina Engh - missenghwyoming
Abigail Sanford - abbyjs
Lisa Kohl - Lisamk1034
Pamela Simmonds - PamS
Dirk Smith - DSmith
Eugene Wu - deedewu
Sarah Kersten
Jason Brez
Emily Armstrong
Big Al Navidi
Rebecca Allyn
Olwen Huxley

Kalmar Sweden IM

Tuan Nguyen - dsgrunning
Douglas Hartman - trimontana
Michael Leshnower

Copenhagen IM

David Lutz

Luray Oly

Shannon Greene - shannontri
Richard Bockman - rabockma
Christopher Chrisman - chrischrisman
Holli Finneren - HolliMarie
Bill Rand - wrand
Carolyn Wetzel - Lorax
Ron Papa - mamapapa
Melanie Ziarko - mel02
Sarah Lifsey - rumpuscat
Jenny Brown - JenBrown
David Eng - bronxking
Juan Camilo Echeverri - JuanFangio
Nate Smith - Nate
Ben Lawson - hameen83
Michael Jacoby - mzjdc66
Nnamnse Ammons - Diablo1666
Alex Burgos - alexburgos
Steve ODonnell - kromatog
Shannon Beebe - Shanz
Mario Urdaneta - murdaneta
Jeff Mackey - KCLords4
Erik Bergmann - drphungky
Stephanie Bechtold - SBsteph
Michael Weitzner - mweitzner

Luray Sprint

Richard Bockman - rabockma
Holli Finneren - HolliMarie
Meghan Tighe - mtighe
Bill Rand - wrand
Katrina Mathis - katmathis
Jeff Mackey - KCLords4
Steve Vekony - Vekony
Courtney McCusker - cmccusk1

TimberMan Half

Melinda Coen - melinda
Jimmy Hull - jhull
Rebecca Charlton - BeccaC
Leonardo Cubillos - Leocubillos
Allison Nordberg - AllisonLN
Jessica Oldham - JessO

Lynn Follansbee

astolz1's ravatar astolz1    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 694
RE: Internat'l IM Weekend (& Luray/T'Man) thread
POSTED: 8/16/13 9:21 AM

Wow, that's a good slew of DC Tri clubbers racing this weekend!!
In case anyone hasn't seen it yet, IRONMAN and USAT have stepped it up and implemented Tri Club competitions.
Clubs that do well get prizes such as early entry to an IM and help to determine selected races for the 2014 USAT series, respectively.
It's really easy to help your club by self identifying yourself and racing for DC Triathlon Club when you register for any race.
For those racing Luray this weekend, see you out there. And if you would like to volunteer with me, sign up here.
Good luck, have fun and be safe!
- Adam

hamburger1971's ravatar hamburger1971    JOINED: 8/13/09    POSTS: 46
RE: Internat'l IM Weekend (& Luray/T'Man) thread
POSTED: 8/16/13 12:31 PM

Also in for Luray Oly, with Jay Cochran and Jen Green.

mtighe's ravatar mtighe    JOINED: 5/30/12    POSTS: 66
RE: Internat'l IM Weekend (& Luray/T'Man) thread
POSTED: 8/16/13 8:38 PM

Thanks for shout out! Will be sporting my tattoo with pride and am looking forward to seeing the team representation.

SBsteph's ravatar SBsteph    JOINED: 1/24/11    POSTS: 110
RE: Internat'l IM Weekend (& Luray/T'Man) thread
POSTED: 8/19/13 8:31 AM

I shouldn't be surprised, but the crowd support was spectacular at Luray! It was great to see so many DC Tri out on the course. I'll be back for this one, hopefully without any mechanicals at mi 3 of the bike!

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