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Bianchi Giro 57cm Road Bike For Sale_$900
CREATED: 07/11/11 by rmargolis REPLIES:
rmargolis    JOINED: 7/9/11    POSTS: 3
Bianchi Giro 57cm Road Bike For Sale_$900
POSTED: 7/11/11 11:56 AM

Model is Giro, with Shimano Ultegra parts and Bianchi clincher rims (made by Ambrosio). Rear could be carbon; it's really light weight.
Size is 57 cm from center to top.
Color is Electric Blue.
Year is 2005.

I am selling this Bianchi Giro, because I bought it ($1,349.99 +tax) for my boyfriend and he never rode it (he's into mountain biking more). It is in good condition because it has hardly ever been ridden (less than 200 miles). It has been stored indoors, in a cool, dry storage unit. The Bianchi road bike has an aluminum frame that never rusts. It would be perfect for anyone looking for a race-worthy (cycling or triathlon) road bike at a much discounted price. There are no scratches that have removed the paint, one area that has some old price tag sticker residue that I'm told could come off with goo gone. The bike comes with clip in pedals and the sweet additional forearm rests.

If you are interested, e-mail me ( and I will send you photos or arrange a time to meet up and show you the bike in person. I'd like to sell it for $900 (a discount of over $450), so I can purchase a new road bike for myself, but am willing to negotiate and/or do part cash part trade.

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