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training for IMFL /ChessyMan 9/25
CREATED: 07/28/10 by rah2774 REPLIES:
rah2774's ravatar rah2774    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 343
training for IMFL /ChessyMan 9/25
POSTED: 7/28/10 12:51 PM

Hey! ChessyMan (Cambridge, MD - put on by CTA) is Saturday 9/25/10. There are still lots of spots open for the IM, Aquavelo, swim, and a new event called the Skipjack (1.2 swim, 64 bike, 10 run).
Anyway, I'm training for IMFL and decided to do the Aqua Velo (and plan to add an hour run after the bike)... the timing is perfect for a dry run before my first IM. Thought I'd throw this out there as an option for anyone training for a late season IM. I booked a hotel today - no problems getting something in Cambridge, which is nice.

FYI - mandatory bike racking is on Friday.

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