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Chicago 2014
CREATED: 08/20/13 by JoeC REPLIES: 183
rtroll's ravatar rtroll    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 510
RE: Chicago 2014
POSTED: 6/23/14 4:21 PM

Fellow ITU'ers -

As Bryan mentioned, we got blindsided on this one and we are doing all that we can to remedy the situation. I'm being told that the cause for the last minute change was out of Freshbikes control and that the landlord would not allow for the large 18-wheeler to be parked at the Arlington location on the same day as the Tuesday Night ride.

We have been able to negotiate in additional time on the Tuesday pick up to help alleviate the location change and the burden it places on many of us who live in or around DC, especially those who rely on public transportation.

Thursday, June 26: Drop off from 11am - 7pm EST at Freshbikes Fairfax
Tuesday, July 1: Bike pick up 11am-5:30pm (now 7:00pm) EST at Freshbikes Fairfax

My ask to everyone is to do your absolute best to make this location change work and to follow through on bike drop off and pick up plans as previously charted. I recognize that this is causing angst but please help me put this into perspective that we have a killer deal ($50) for "white glove" bike transport to and from Chicago! If there are extreme cases where the 7pm deadline just absolutely does not work, please feel free to email Jason Walder ( directly and copy me (, Lauren Rios ( and Adrienne Farfalla ( We will work together to ensure "no bikes are left behind" on either side of the trip. Please keep the message short and sweet so as to get the point across and under no circumstanced will the process allow for bikes to be left behind on Tuesday for a later pick up or dropped off early.

President, DC Tri Club

lockemike's ravatar lockemike    JOINED: 5/26/09    POSTS: 57
RE: Chicago 2014
POSTED: 6/23/14 4:34 PM

Thanks for the legwork, guys. We know it's not a fun position for you all to be in.

jennyl    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 40
RE: Chicago 2014
POSTED: 6/23/14 7:04 PM

Hi all,

I can drive an extra bike out to Fairfax on Thursday, if you can drop it off at our place (H St NE area) on Wednesday evening. The only catch… I don't get back from Chicago until 7 PM on Tuesday so that means the bikes need a ride back from Fairfax.

Anyone other there want to share the work-- I'll handle drop off and you handle pick up???

j dot leehey at gmail dot com

astolz1's ravatar astolz1    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 694
RE: Chicago 2014
POSTED: 6/23/14 8:58 PM

If you're registered for the race (or clicked attend in the race section) you should've just gotten an email that the club is putting on a great pre-race meal this Sat evening near the transition area.
This is the same as on Buzz but the eventbrite link to buy your ticket is
Price goes up Wed so grab your ticket now.
- Adam

bronxking's ravatar bronxking    JOINED: 1/13/13    POSTS: 390
RE: Chicago 2014
POSTED: 6/24/14 10:24 AM

I'm not going to Chicago, but if any club members need help with drop-off/pick-up, I'm happy to help. I can fit 2 bikes inside my car, and 3 bikes on the bike rack. If I install roof racks at some point in the future, I can potentially get 7 bikes total!

I live three blocks from the Takoma Metro Station on the Red Line. PM me and we can sort it out!

-David Eng

dmcelhare's ravatar dmcelhare    JOINED: 4/17/10    POSTS: 67
RE: Chicago 2014
POSTED: 6/24/14 11:09 AM

I'm flying out Thurs night, and have some free time on Friday.

Does anyone want to go to the Cubs-Nats game at Wrigley (3:05pm)?


afava's ravatar afava    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 258
RE: Chicago 2014
POSTED: 6/24/14 3:02 PM

Club Tent at Chicago:

Folks, we're working with the race organizers to be able to set up the Club tent near (north of) the swim start.

Assuming that this all works out, we have been instructed that there cannot be a large accumulation of bags and bags cannot be left unattended. Given that the wave starts are strung out over many hours, I'm guessing this won't be a significant issue. That said, please be respectful of this and work together to ensure we don't have an accumulation of unattended bags.


rcole's ravatar rcole    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 50
RE: Chicago 2014
POSTED: 6/24/14 3:08 PM

I've never removed my bike pedals - should I go buy a tool or does anybody know if there will be assistance at the truck?

afava's ravatar afava    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 258
RE: Chicago 2014
POSTED: 6/24/14 3:17 PM

The bike tool question is a good one.

If you have a tool or can get your LBS to help, plan to take your pedals off before you get to the truck. Even with a tool, I struggle to do this myself. I recommend a tool + a strong man.

If you have a tool, please bring it with you to bike drop off in case your fellow Club members need a little assistance.

ksimp2's ravatar ksimp2    JOINED: 9/9/11    POSTS: 28
RE: Chicago 2014
POSTED: 6/25/14 11:31 AM

FYI, as the website still says is the info for getting back into transition:

"Transition re-opens for bike check-out at 11:30 a.m. for the Olympic-distance race, and 2 p.m. for the sprint event. Athletes will be permitted back into transition in small groups. The age-group transition closes by 4 p.m. All bikes need to be checked out of transition by then."

astolz1's ravatar astolz1    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 694
RE: Chicago 2014
POSTED: 6/25/14 5:44 PM

Event Program guide

jxjia's ravatar jxjia    JOINED: 8/13/12    POSTS: 112
RE: Chicago 2014
POSTED: 6/26/14 12:35 PM

Just dropped off my bike. I was a bit surprised that Mario didn't take any picture of the bike or of me, nor did he ask for my ID (I specifically asked him if he wants to see it and he shook his head). It was very laissez-faire, I just wrote my name and phone number on a piece of tape, taped it to the top tube, handed over the form Lauren sent, and left the bike with Mario.

Anyhow, I trust that our bikes are in good hands.

By the way, anyone planning on doing a pre-race ride around the bike course? I'm not sure if whether the whole course will be closed off to traffic on Saturday. I'll ask around to see if it's safe to bike down Lower Wacker.

See you all in Chicago!

bcfrank's ravatar bcfrank    JOINED: 3/23/09    POSTS: 1098
RE: Chicago 2014
POSTED: 6/26/14 1:00 PM

The bike course will NOT be accessible to bikes the day before. No biking allowed on Lower Wacker except during the race.

But yes, some of us are planning to ride on Saturday. I want to do a quick brick. We're looking at some of the paths along the water as our option.

jxjia's ravatar jxjia    JOINED: 8/13/12    POSTS: 112
RE: Chicago 2014
POSTED: 6/26/14 1:02 PM

That's a bummer, but hopefully we can get a short ride in just to make sure the mechanical bits are sound.

I guess we won't need more than 2 gears for the whole race though, so shifting is probably not a concern.

merlinkim's ravatar merlinkim    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 303
RE: Chicago 2014
POSTED: 6/26/14 1:07 PM

Bryan - as someone who used to live in Chicago and bike along the lake, I would _not_ try to do a bike workout on Saturday if you're planning on doing the Lakefront path north of downtown. Weekends are choc-a-bloc full of strollers, tourists quad-cycles, rollerbladers, etc. If you go south on the lake path, it's less crowded, but still busy (and a narrower path), so be careful.

HolliMarie's ravatar HolliMarie    JOINED: 6/21/11    POSTS: 264
RE: Chicago 2014
POSTED: 6/26/14 1:27 PM

If anyone is interested I am planning on swimming on Saturday AM. Most likely open water. Possibly starting with open water Chicago or somewhere closer to race site.

mosered's ravatar mosered    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 2217
RE: Chicago 2014
POSTED: 6/26/14 3:00 PM

Mike & Lance at Freshbikes Fairfax were happy to take off the bike pedals for you. And the Jack Kane shipping firm accepted the clip-on aerobars on my bike, which I was wondering about.

bcfrank's ravatar bcfrank    JOINED: 3/23/09    POSTS: 1098
RE: Chicago 2014
POSTED: 6/26/14 3:55 PM

For anyone interested, a group of us are volunteering at the 2014 Proud To Run 5k/10k in Chicago on Saturday June 28th (day before the race). We will be handing out finisher's medal at the... well.. finish line. And if anyone wants to run slowly (i.e. Jonathan Montet's normal running pace) carrying rainbow flags, then that is also an option. Details about where to show up for volunteering are below:

Hello Proud to Run volunteers! Thank you so much for donating your time to help out with this worthwhile event. We couldn't do it without you! If you have friends who would like to join you on race morning, please let me know and bring them along. It's an amazing event they won't want to miss!

Please plan on arriving at the race site around 6 AM next Saturday, June 28. You will be assigned a position at the Volunteer tent when you check in (unless you have been previously assigned). If you want to be a course marshal, and direct runners on the course, bring your noise makers or a megaphone, signs, pom-poms, etc., and we can put you on the course to help cheer on our runners!

Bagels and coffee will be available.

To reach the race site, take Montrose east until you reach N. Simonds Drive. We are in the grassy area east of N. Simonds, just north of Montrose. You will receive a volunteer tee-shirt when you check in. Google Maps location Closest CTA station is Wilson on the red line

Please consider riding your bike to the race or taking public transportation, since parking is limited.

Thanks again. We look forward to seeing you at 6:OO AM on Saturday, June 28, 2014. Happy pride!

astolz1's ravatar astolz1    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 694
RE: Chicago 2014
POSTED: 6/26/14 9:54 PM

Ihan, where do you suggest?

merlinkim's ravatar merlinkim    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 303
RE: Chicago 2014
POSTED: 6/26/14 10:09 PM

If you _have_ to bike, and need to start/finish at transition, I would take the bike path south, and start as early in the day as you can. What is the coolest experience in the city, tri-sportz wise, is swimming at Oak St. Beach. It's right at the top of Michigan Avenue, and is a little beach behind the breakwater where there's a buoy line parallel to the concrete-paved lakefront/bike path, and it's not more than six or seven feet deep. There are distance markers painted on the concrete. If memory serves, it's about 400m to the end of the buoy line. Ask at any hotel to show you where it is on the city map - you can walk / bus / bike there from any point in the city. There are little lockers to keep your valuables secure (or there used to, at least), but lots of folks stuff their stuff in nooks along the bike path. That said, I would usually just bring a credit card hidden in my shoe, my driver's license, and my key.

Have fun!

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