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Training Sessions
CREATED: 03/18/09 by larsencm REPLIES: 1
larsencm    JOINED: 3/2/09    POSTS: 17
Training Sessions
POSTED: 3/18/09 11:29 AM

Do the suggested durations of workouts on the training plan already account for a 5 minute warm-up and cool-down, or do they indicate "time to be spent in appropriate HR zone".

For example, should a 50 minute bike actually be 60min? I want to clarify since our mentors stressed the importance of not training over the assigned sessions. Thanks!

jonwolfsthal's ravatar jonwolfsthal    JOINED: 3/22/09    POSTS: 43
RE: Training Sessions
POSTED: 3/24/09 9:56 PM

I didn't write the plan, but when I trained I let 50 min=50 total. I counted stretching (before and after) as extra but running 50 meant running 50. 5 minutes either way is not going to hurt, however. Key is staying in the zone and not training too hard. Also, listen to your body. There are easy signs for being overtrained. losing your breath easily, heavy or tired feelings, difficulty completing training runs, longer recovery times. In the first few weeks, you should not be exhausted at the end of a week. You should feel the hard weeks but should not be sacked out.

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