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Can you say Iliotibial Band Syndrome?
CREATED: 04/05/12 by Gato REPLIES: 8
Gato's ravatar Gato    JOINED: 4/25/11    POSTS: 46
Can you say Iliotibial Band Syndrome?
POSTED: 4/05/12 8:14 AM

I can't pronounce it, but I'm sure I have it. Last week I went for a long run and came back with soreness in my outer knee. Checked the internet and found that my symptoms match IBS perfectly. Since then, I have tested it a few times and found that after about a mile the pain comes back. I have rested it a week now and am worried about re-aggravating it. Any anecdotal stories or recommended therapy is welcome. "A" race is not until September, but this is not a good way to start my build period.

SeanG's ravatar SeanG    JOINED: 4/8/09    POSTS: 160
RE: Can you say Iliotibial Band Syndrome?
POSTED: 4/05/12 8:40 AM

I get this at times too. When I saw a PT for it, they recommend getting a foam roller. It hurts pretty bad at first, but it helps loosen it up. Check out youtube and you can find the exercise. Here is a link

gabroe's ravatar gabroe    JOINED: 8/27/10    POSTS: 71
RE: Can you say Iliotibial Band Syndrome?
POSTED: 4/05/12 8:41 AM

Go get yourself a foam roller and stretch like there is no tomorrow, at some point I had a terrible itb pain, stretching it is now a very important part of my post ride/run routine,

I found this on google but there are tons, take a look:

Gato's ravatar Gato    JOINED: 4/25/11    POSTS: 46
RE: Can you say Iliotibial Band Syndrome?
POSTED: 4/05/12 9:14 AM

I will give it a try. Thanks for the info and helpful links.

smitty1788    JOINED: 12/19/11    POSTS: 10
RE: Can you say Iliotibial Band Syndrome?
POSTED: 4/05/12 9:38 AM

I had this issue about 6 months ago. Was plagued with it for about a month and found success with changing my style of shoe. Went from a general trainer to a more minimalist style. Specifically the new balance minimus. May not work for everyone but I haven't had any flair ups since the change.

HappyRunner's ravatar HappyRunner    JOINED: 1/15/11    POSTS: 281
RE: Can you say Iliotibial Band Syndrome?
POSTED: 4/05/12 4:57 PM

I used to have an issue with that, especially if my shoes were worn. I seem to really wear the outside, while the inside stays nice and new. I'm guessing that the slant of my shoe provided more torque on the knee.

And everyone is right about stretching. I have worked with Rudy Munoz, of Sports Stretch International in Old Town Alexandria ((703) 371-3812). He is a real guru and doesn't immediately go for the trouble area, but knows what is pulling on what so he gets to the root of the problem. LMT and CMT degrees. Highly recommended.

jorlie's ravatar jorlie    JOINED: 11/19/10    POSTS: 57
RE: Can you say Iliotibial Band Syndrome?
POSTED: 4/05/12 7:39 PM

Everything is spot on. The only thing I might add is to try to run on flat surface. For example, running against traffic will put more pressure on your left itb/knee b/c of slope on road. Running on the track really helped me. Also regarding the foam roller, if you can't get to or break the knot/pressure point, try using a lacrosse ball. It hurts way more than foam roller, but works wonders on harder to get spots near hips.

gardengirl's ravatar gardengirl    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 124
RE: Can you say Iliotibial Band Syndrome?
POSTED: 4/06/12 9:38 AM

Good luck. I ran until my leg went numb. I finally got relief with ART (Active Release Technique) and Graston. Painful! But it finally broke up the adhesions. I keep it in check now with all the recomendations above; soft surface, good shoes, foam roller, lacrosse and tennis ball when sitting too long. I think there is a special going on now for DC Tri. Might be worth to check it out.

HolliMarie's ravatar HolliMarie    JOINED: 6/21/11    POSTS: 264
RE: Can you say Iliotibial Band Syndrome?
POSTED: 4/07/12 5:52 PM

You need to treat the cause of your ITB not only the symptoms. Foam rolling, massage, ART, graston, etc is all targeting the symptoms. My guess is you need to strengthen your glutes and learn to run with your glutes. You need proximal stability at the hips to prevent the knees from diving inward and stressing the lateral aspect with every period of single leg stance during running.

A good method to treat symptoms is also Dry Needling, practiced by physical therapists. Find a PT (Monica at STAR - Sports Therapy and Rehab is a good one) that practices dry needling and will help you with your running technique to prevent reoccurance and other injuries. Or you can come see me when I start working in July ;)

Holli Marie, SPT

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