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Haine's point morning swim practice
CREATED: 05/22/11 by jpdavis REPLIES: 22
simba2109's ravatar simba2109    JOINED: 6/23/11    POSTS: 63
RE: Haine's point morning swim practice
POSTED: 3/12/13 12:55 PM

It's early, but anyone have information about DC Masters morning swim workouts this summer at Hains Point? I figure sign ups will be in March/April.


janelkaye's ravatar janelkaye    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 36
RE: Haine's point morning swim practice
POSTED: 5/21/13 8:33 PM

Just posting to see if anyone has any details on this summer's morning masters swimming coached by Flanagan out at Hains Point.


gardengirl's ravatar gardengirl    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 124
RE: Haine's point morning swim practice
POSTED: 5/22/13 1:43 PM

Here is the email:
Masters Morning Swim Program <>
We are happy to announce that the 2013 Hains Point Morning Masters Swim Program has received the permit! Here is the information to sign up:

Date: 3 June 2013
Cost: $350.00
There are two practices Monday-Friday:
5:30am - 7am and 7am - 8:30am
Swimmers don’t have to commit to one or the other

Please send checks as soon as possible made out to:

Masters Morning Swim Program
c/o John Flanagan
2110 Salt Kettle Way
Reston, VA 20191-4124

Practices will happen rain or shine. Should thunder or lightening happen during a practice swimmers must exit the pool.

No announcements will go out unless the pool is closed. We will make every effort to get information to swimmers as soon as possible but there may be instances beyond our control when an announcement will not be sent.

Every swimmer is expected to follow proper lane etiquette during practices:

Follow and keep interval set for your lane by the coach. Do not lead a lane if you do not know how. Please allow another swimmer to lead who does.

Do not push off the wall right on the feet of the swimmer in front of you (i.e., please adhere to the coach’s instruction to push off the wall 10 secs apart).

If you are consistently swimming on the feet of the swimmer in front of you, ask to go ahead on the next set or repeat. Never jump in between two swimmers during a set or repeat. Never attempt to pass a swimmer in front of you.

When you are finished with the set or repeat, clear the wall so swimmers behind you may finish.

Rude or disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated. Any swimmer exhibiting such behavior will be expelled from the program permanently.

NO Diving! Feet First, Safety First!

Following the rules allows each swimmer in your lane to have a safe and challenging workout.

If you have any questions, please reply to this email.

See you at Hains Point!

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