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OWSC in Gunston this w/e
CREATED: 07/11/11 by Jewels REPLIES: 1
Jewels's ravatar Jewels    JOINED: 3/31/11    POSTS: 21
OWSC in Gunston this w/e
POSTED: 7/11/11 10:27 PM

anyone want to carpool from Northern Arlington (Ballston) to the OWSC this Saturday (July 16th). I think it's at 9am

mosered's ravatar mosered    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 2217
RE: OWSC in Gunston this w/e
POSTED: 7/15/11 3:14 PM

Details on the July 16 swim:

"CUBU Masters and Friends:

We have another open water practice scheduled for Gunston Cove tomorrow morning and the conditions look ideal - both the weather and the high tides should be about perfect. This practice will be just a swim, so there will be no run or BBQ following the event. Also, we are starting a bit later than normal. We have about 75 athletes - mostly tris - already pre-registered, so at this late time, if you would like to come, just shoot me an email and we will sign you up on site tomorrow morning.

If you haven't done an open water practice with us yet this summer, this would be a fun one to try out. We will have several more "large" practice events such as this one which will be followed by a BBQ - I will send all a revised schedule. In the meantime, I hope to see some of you in the morning...bayside!

Here are the details:


Schedule: Swimmers should plan on arriving at 8:30 am. From 8:30 - 9:00 am, we will check everyone in and assign them a cap and note their cap number on their waiver form. From 9 - 9:30 am, Eric Sorensen will give a short lecture, to include course orientation and a safety brief. The swim will take place from 9:30 - 10:45 am. All swimmers must check in and out of the water.

Cost: The cost for the event is $15.00. Cash is preferred but checks may be made payable to CUBU Masters.

Eligibility: All swimmers must be able to swim at least 500 meters, at their own speed and with choice of stroke(s). All participants must also be current USMS registered or current USAT registered with a USAT registered Tri Club. We will have one-time event USAT waivers ($10) or USMS annual registration forms ($37) available for anyone who is not USAT or USMS current and would like to participate.

Course: The course will consist of three buoys in a triangle. One complete circuit around the three buoys will be 500 meters. The first buoy, which will be the start of the course, will be about 150 meters from shore. Swimmers can either swim to the start of the course (preferred), they can walk provided they are wearing foot protection, or they can ride on the boat.

We had planned on having the weeds between the shoreline and the start of the course cut by this weekend, almost a month earlier than last year, but the weed cutting vessel broke their blade and will likely not have them cut by Saturday. The good news is that high tide is at 9:00 am, perfect conditions to minimize contact w/ the weeds! Also, we will set the course outside of the weed bed and with two vessels, we can escort any swimmers to and from the course if they prefer so that they do not encounter any weeds on the way out or way in.

Swimmers are welcome and in fact encouraged to swim to and from the start of the course, which will be Buoy #1. Swimmers should only walk to the start of the course IF they have pool shoes - we had two cut feet last week from swimmers walking on the bottom without pool shoes. Anyone wearing pool shoes will be able to put them on the boat at the start of the swim and retrieve them when they are done.

The water temperature is anticipated to be 82-83 degrees, so wetsuits are not recommended and anyone wearing a wetsuit will need to take precautions against heat stress.

What to bring:
· Pool or wading shoes, if preferred
. Goggles (clear for overcast, tinted for sunny)
· Water/Hydration
· Registration Information (USMS/USAT member card and $15 cash)
· Towels

Please carpool if possible. The gravel parking area immediately adjacent to the marina and the road leading down to the marina are all available for parking. Once these areas have filled up, parking will be in the grass field adjacent to the entrance to the marina (small gravel road off Gunston Rd Way). Alternate parking can be found at the Community Center down the street. The marina is located at the end of the small gravel road on the left of Gunston Rd Way and is a very short walk from parking.

For GPS directions, use: 5925 Kentia Trail, Lorton, VA 22079 to get to Gunston Manor, but once inside the Gunston Manor subdivision, please follow the last few directions below to find the parking area and the

Directions from I-95 South:
Take exit 163 for VA-642 toward Lorton 0.3 mi
Turn left at Lorton Rd/VA-600/VA-642 0.4 mi
Turn right at the 1st cross street onto Lorton Market St/VA-600
Continue to follow VA-600 (You will cross Rt 1 at a stoplight) 6.5 mi
Turn left at Mt Vernon Blvd 0.5 mi"

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