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2013 Holiday Lights Run! Wed 12/18/13
CREATED: 12/12/13 by astolz1 REPLIES:
astolz1's ravatar astolz1    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 695
2013 Holiday Lights Run! Wed 12/18/13
POSTED: 12/12/13 7:10 PM

Repeating facebook event post here...
Looks like this Holiday Lights Fun Run is going to be well attended, woot!
Couple things here:
1. Thank you Meaghan and Adam for volunteering to lead the long route. Adam's pace group will be about 8:15ish and Meaghan's will be 9:30ish.
We need 2 volunteers for the shorter, 4 mile route! Just post on the facebook event of this forum, thank you!
2. Bring your Holiday Lights Run guidebook, lighted/reflective running gear, camera and holiday cheer! We will be stopping at all of the tree's for caroling and group shot pics.
3. Fantom Comics Joins Forces with Toys for Tots!
Just spoke to Esther, the manager. Fantom Comics is now a Toys for Tots location! You can purchase a book from Fantom at 20% off to donate or you can bring in your own unopened games, toys, and comic books!

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