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Nations Triathlon Club Challenge
CREATED: 04/20/10 by jules REPLIES: 1
jules    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 110
Nations Triathlon Club Challenge
POSTED: 4/20/10 5:56 PM

The Nation's Triathlon in Washington, DC is now 98% sold out. Register at

This year The Nation's Triathlon has a "Race Within a Race," and specifically, a Tri Club Challenge. Sign up now so that we can win this challenge!


Compete to be the fastest Triathlon Club
Athletes racing in the Tri Club Challenge must be a member of an active triathlon club
Tri Clubs participating in the challenge also have the opportunity to win some great benefits by getting the most club members to register for the race. The top five clubs with the most member participation will receive:
A tent at the Finish Line Festival for the club with food
Massage therapists just for the club
GU for club
PowerAde for club
And more!
Tri Club Challenge Stats (as of 02/01/10)

553 athletes registered
95 Tri Clubs registered

Top 3 clubs represented:
DC Tri Club
Booz Allen Hamilton
Annapolis Tri Club

JHJ20012's ravatar JHJ20012    JOINED: 2/1/10    POSTS: 197
RE: Nations Triathlon Club Challenge
POSTED: 4/20/10 9:36 PM

I signed up for the race b/f joining DC Tri, is it too late to add me to the DC Tri Club tally? Of course, as a total newbie, I'll be bringing down the time averages, so it may be a wash in the end!

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