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Help with acronyms
CREATED: 06/26/09 by sstriguy REPLIES: 1
sstriguy's ravatar sstriguy    JOINED: 6/18/09    POSTS: 14
Help with acronyms
POSTED: 6/26/09 2:54 PM

Okay, I've been a member for one week now (I joined initially for last Thursday's happy hour) and something is still puzzling me. What the hell does NTP, often used as "NTPer/s" mean? Everyone, it seems, knows the meaning and proper usage, except for me. Does it apply to me? Should I be concerned about these NTPers out there, even if I am one? I have some theories:

Not Too Pretty (this would apply to me, especially when running)

Never Take Prisoners (um...I thought this was a friendly sport)

Naked Triathlon People (I'm in favor of this as it would reduce my transition times)

Gnarly Tubular Peeps (maybe a California thing?)

Not Too Popular (what is this, Junior High?)

Help a guy out?


bcfrank's ravatar bcfrank    JOINED: 3/23/09    POSTS: 1098
RE: Help with acronyms
POSTED: 6/26/09 3:00 PM

You're thinking too much on this one. :) It's very simple...

New Triathlete Program.

NTPers are people who signed up (it costs money) for the New Triathlete Program. It's a program offered once a year beginning in March with the goal race of New Jersey State Triathlon in July (one month to go!!). The group is limited to roughly 150ish people who duke it out in February to sign up for it. It's an all out bar brawl and whoever is left standing gets into the program. If there are two people vying for the last spot, that's decided by mud wrestling. :)

To read more about it:

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