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DC Tri
CREATED: 06/09/10 by goshlickit REPLIES: 2
goshlickit's ravatar goshlickit    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 28
DC Tri
POSTED: 6/09/10 3:55 PM

I am pretty excited to have another local triathlon in the DC Tri. I was worried when I heard that ITU wasn't coming back this year that we would be losing an event where I could sleep in my own bed and still get to on time. I am pumped to get out there and do my first race of the season, and I am even looking forward to swimming in the Potomac!

What I am not looking forward to is the 5:30 am start for the first wave of the Sprint! I am sure it is to ease traffic problems, but damn, that is wicked early!!

abbyjs's ravatar abbyjs    JOINED: 4/7/09    POSTS: 699
RE: DC Tri
POSTED: 6/10/10 10:21 AM

Yep. The first wave of Sprinters will probably be done with the WHOLE RACE before I even start, too! Those of us doing the Oly start later, and I'm sure my wave won't happen until 7ish. So I get to set up my transition at 4:45 AM, clear out by 5:15, and then... mill about for over an hour. Ah, triathlon. Gotta love it.

harburgm's ravatar harburgm    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 94
RE: DC Tri
POSTED: 6/14/10 5:10 PM

Just fyi .... Cycle Life Bike Shop is hosting two free clinics for "Hands - On Race Day Maintenance." This will cover race day flats, basic mechanical fixes, as well as what to put into a flat kit on your bike. Registration will fill fast. Sign up here:

They take place at Cycle Life, which is on 3255 K Street, NW. The clinics are from 6 - 9pm

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